Trade Down to 11

So the Rams have traded down once, from 2 to 6. That trade was made because the BPA at 2, Robert Griffin, does not fit a need on the team. We are now at 6, where the BPA will be either Claiborne, Blackmon, or Richardson. The best current Ram is a RB so Richardson is really not a value pick that high. Claiborne would be great, but CB is no longer a huge position of need and Claiborne will likely be gone, taken by Tampa Bay at 5. Blackmon would fill a huge need at WR but is probably not worthy of a top-10 pick when compared to previous top-10 receivers such as AJ Green and Calvin Johnson.

That leaves us in an awkward position at 6: if Richardson is available, I don't think we should take him because we have too many holes to start taking backups with high picks. Claiborne will not be available and Blackmon is not work the number 6 pick when there are trade down options. So, we need to take advantage of, once again, of quarterback need. This time, its Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins, and the Chiefs.

The Dolphins pick 8th and need a quarterback, but so do the Chiefs at 11. We should take advantage of this and trade down to 11 with the Chiefs so they can jump ahead of the Dolphins and pick Tannehill to be their QB of the future. In addition to the number 11 pick, we would receive the Chiefs second round pick this year (44) and a fifth round pick this year.. That would leave us with 10 picks this year. We would control 4 of the first 44 picks and have a pick in every round, filling the hole we have now in the fifth round.

My mock with this trade down:

We would pick 11, 33, 39, 44, 3rd round, 4th, 5th, 6th, and twice in the 7th.

1: David DeCastro, G

DeCastro fills our other hole at guard and helps what I think is the biggest problem we have: our awful offensive line. With Saffold we have a very serviceable OT and so our only hole on the O-line really is LT.

2a: Reuben Randle, WR

Randle has a prototypical WR body and has #1 potential. Will certainly improve our WR corps and could be a #1 a few years down the road.

2b: Bobby Massie/Mike Adams, OT (I like Adams better but I doubt he will be available)

Fills the hole at tackle and both have LT potential, but certainly could play RT and has more potential than Saffold.

2c: Ronnell Lewis, OLB

Outside linebacker is another massive hole the Rams have and Lewis would fill one of the two open slots well. Has potential to be very good and will start from day one.

3: Jamell Flemming, CB

We need cornerbacks, here we give a upper round pick to one to complement and learn from Finnegan.

4: LaMichael James, RB

I would agree that we need a RB somewhere, and James would be a great change of pace from Jackson and he also fills a hole as a returner.

5: Terrance Ganaway, FB

We get an extra pick we didn't think we would have in the 5th and FB is another position we should address.

6: DaJohn Harris, DT

DT is the one position I don't really get to in this draft, but we can't have everything. We could take a DT in the third round over a CB, in that case I would go BPA of the two positions. We really don't have any DTs after Langford and depth is needed.

Two in the 7th: I really don't know who to pick this late but I think we should target depth at WR, DT, and CB or go for a return specialist.

There is my mock, I think another trade is our best option. Thoughts?

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