I'll tell you who leaked 'Bounty-gate'

By now it's no secret that there has been some wrong-doing in the NFL in regards to the 'bounties' being placed under Gregg Willams' regimes, and it certainly is going to impact the upcoming season for our St. Louis Rams. I'll be honest, after the Rams 'cleaned house', Williams was hands down the coaching acquisition that I was most excited about. His defenses are aggressive, albeit risky, and exciting.......something ours have not been in some time. However, in all of the speculation surrounding whom it's going to effect (both individuals and organizations) , for how long, and how much ($), something that's being overlooked is who is responsible for leaking the information that could lose us Williams for the season, as Goodell looks to repair the 'earth shattering' events he's come to find are true. Could it be a disgruntled former Saint, whom Williams thought wasn't good enough to make the squad? No, it's worse. It wasn't anyone looking to get back at the Williams (or the Saints for that matter), but someone who sought to crush the renewed spirit of Rams fans....


via was Todd Hewitt, former Rams equipment manager! Devastated by his recent, and curious, departure from his beloved occupation with the Rams, Hewitt had plenty of time to devise such a master plan. Having been a member of the team, dating back to being a ball-boy at the age of 10, Hewitt's [44 year] commitment to the organization could not be questioned. What used to be a routine of getting up, heading to the park, and banging out some paperwork is now "I take the dogs out. Then I piddle around and read the paper, and stay quiet so I don't wake anybody else up at the house." This due, solely, because of Steve Spagnuolo....



Steve as you may remember, as the coach of our illustrious past 10 wins, made a lot of bad decisions while in St. Louis. Firing Todd Hewitt might've been his worst. Spagnuolo let his disdain for Hewitt be known almost immediately. In an interview with STLToday (in 2009) Hewitt recollects a sit-down with Spagnuolo...... ‘I'm going to keep you for now but I'm on the fence about letting you go," Spagnuolo said. "I was like, ‘Why?' He kind of gave me some reasons that didn't make sense, made no sense at all." Hewitt, sadly, still has no answers.

Let's face it, the Rams haven't been the force they once were, and therefore the timing of 'Bounty-gate' is so critical. You may wonder why Hewitt waited so long to strike. It's simple.......why kick us while we're down? It'd be almost useless to seek revenge while we're at rock bottom. As Spags and the former regime lead us plummeted to that bottom, Hewitt bided his time. His mission: not to laugh in the face of the Rams faithful, as they struggled to chalk up the 'W's,' but more so to wait until there was a sense of hope. He knew 2012 was the time....

Having been in the NFL for over 4 decades, it's easy to surmise how Hewitt may have heard some of the 'behind the scenes' (but sometimes on-field) insider info. Williams wasn't the only defensive coordinator who had implemented the 'bounties,' but Hewitt knew that he was a pioneer of sorts. Taking the new defensive coordinator out of the equation, at such a volatile time of the offseason (and the Rams future), was key. It was time to put an end to the mock-drafting, free-agent-acquiring posts of Turf Show Times hopeful.

The joy that the new cast of characters (Fisher, Snead, Williams, and Schotten....nope) brought to the TSTer's needed to stomped on like a bag of burning poo on Ted's (Billy Madison) front porch. (Yes, I called the shit 'poo.') Hewitt, still unemployed, knew the time was now! One swift text to Jim Thomas, and the outbreak began. Congratulations, Todd! I hope you've enjoyed your free time walking the dogs, taking the kids to practice, and ruining the immediate future of the Rams. You've made our organization #2 in their pants, and there's no one employed to clean it up...

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