Rams Mock (3 rounds, March 5)

I just did a full 3-round mock over on MockingTheDraft, but seeing as I am obviously very Ram-centric, I wanted to post the Rams results over here to see what you nice people think.

Trade: Rams trade #2 pick to Redskins for 2012 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Round picks, and 2013 1st and 3rd Round picks. Dan Snyder is a gunslinger in the offseason and will offer a king's ransom that the Browns or Dolphins won't be able to match.

First Round:

6. (from redskins): Justin Blackmon/WR (Oklahoma State) I won't say much about this, we've already analyzed all there is to analyze about it.

Second Round:

33: Zach Brown/OLB (UNC): The lack of talent at outside linebacker has killed us for years and made our desperation on the D-line even more obvious. This would be a great step for our D. Also, he's a Rams fan.

39 (from Redskins): Jerel Worthy/DT (Michigan State): Speaking of the defense, here's a run-stuffer up the middle. While Laurinaitis can do most things, he can't do everything. Fred Robbins and Justin Bannan have been serviceable, but are both getting over the hill. This would help solidify a solid d-line for the future.

Third Round:

66. LaMichael James/RB (Oregon): I'll confess, I'm a big Oregon guy. That being said, seeing as much Ducks football as I have the last few years, I can testify that James is a really, really talented back. He is a bit undersized, but he can learn from Steven (an ex-Beaver...awkward) for a few years while he develops. This would also fit Snead's supposed plan to look for explosion in the draft.

70. (from Redskins) Josh Robinson/CB/KR (UCF) Two needs filled. More depth at corner, and a reliable kick returner. This could happen even if Cortland Finnegan is signed. Last year proved that the Rams can never have too many corners (10 on IR?? Really?? 10?!?). Robinson boosted his stock after running the fastest 40 at the Combine and could become a very good player after some Chuck Cecil magic.

There you have it. Feel free to tell me what you think.

Here's the link to the full mock draft:

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