RedSkins and the Little Big Horn

As we all know in ad nausea, the Rams have made a trade that brought two #1 pic's in the next two Drafts. Those pic's brought saliva to hordes of Rams fans on a "can't fail" basis, assuming that they will be high pic's in the first and second rounds next year. How could we go wrong with that? O dear, let me count the ways- after I take a Jump--.

Our first erroneous assumption is that the Redskins are going to be Basement dwellers and therefore draw high pic's in next year's draft. Really? That's one heck of an assumption. What happens to our new draft pic's if the Skins win their Division? What if they go all the way to the NFC championships?

Those coveted pic's would fall like a lead safe. Every game the Redskins win drops the value of the traded pic's by the re-positioning of parity guidelines.

Now that has caused a crisis in my mind and FORCED me to have a couple of cold brews and re-think that old saying "a bird in the hand" thing. Are we about to "lose" this draft's upper talent (pic's #4 and #5, we already have #6) out of fear that one of those pic's from this year might bust? It seems that is the prevailing thought is "OH NO-we can't trade up because they might bust!) It's very hard to reconcile the logic that this year's crop might bust but not next year's.

What would we really be giving up by trading up? Before the Redskins trade, we had the #2 pick. By trading down, we picked up an extra #1 pick next year (and some other lower ones). Forget 2014 for now-. By trading up again, it would put us in a better position(s) and we are only giving up what we didn't have in the first place, BUT we are picking 3 times in round 1. Seems like a deal to me.

Here's what I propose for this years Draft-Let's see how bad I get hammered

1. Trade up by whatever means and draft at #4-#5 and #6. Three elite players to use THIS YEAR.

2. Forget the "win now at any cost" mentally. We are merely trading up as a hedge against Washington being successful in 2012.

3. By trading down I feel that we are just getting a bunch of bodies that were passed over by other teams.

4. Last and probably least is I'm in favor of building an absolute monster Offense using the bulk of the traded-up positions on the "O" side. I would be just as happy to build a monster Defense by the same method.

Punch a button below and make your thoughts known.

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