Time to take notice!

I've looking for a site like this for a very long time! But first, I need a little help. Can someone help me with changing my handle? I've been waiting for a week for SBN to return my e-mails regarding this. As you can see with my nervous fingers, I typed in my intended name wrong. Thank You ahead of time!

Now down to it.

I do not follow college football or the pre-draft, so the morons who spend their time digging, prodding and hashing on who they would take, go ahead because YOU don't make those picks, the FO does. Has there ever been a counter-diction as 'Free-agents"? I will agree that each player in this category is FREE to chose what team they want to play for. But that's where it ends. After the jump I have a formula to debate on this. You guys are something else, you expect to get this guy or that guy. Of the 3 players picked up so far this year, can any of those be matched in recent history Ram free-agent pick-ups? All three could be wearing Blue n Gold in Hawaii soon along with #91,#55 and maybe #8

MY real season starts on Draft day. I'm there to see if the Rams and the the other 31 hopefuls pick, trade, blow, or get boo-ed on their choices. And as the last few regimes have had to dust their knees off here in Ramthopia for forgiveness for their failures, maybe I won't have to hold my breath as long (no pun intended) as this time a difference maker is picked.

Congrats to all of us fans on the Rams getting Jeff Fisher as head-coach. He really was the best option out there. If we had got another assistant again as head-coach, we would be looking at another 5+ years of losing. OK, he's not Chuck Noll, but maybe he could be Chuck Knox the first time around. But, I am really surprised he came back here after the way he was thrown under the bus when he was DC before. Maybe his year off re-focused him and saw that St. Louis gave him the best chance at winning again.

And to to those who expect this years team to be challenging for the division this year, put down what your smoking NOW! Disclaimer...I would love to be wrong and packing my own to celebrate.

The Only thing wrong with this site-

Where are the interviews and quotes of coaches, players, management and ownership????????????????????

Second-hand information is like sloppy seconds. Unwanted!

This idea may or may not have warrants:

The concept is to create talent parity and if implemented would take a few years to have full effect. The goal is to having things equal before they step on the field. Of course coaching, team-work, chemistry, drafting and management have their effects also. So it is solely to balance out players controlling the outcome.

Players are rated by their play for the team(s) of the term of current contract. Example- If a player has a positive overall performance rating of +15 and his rating is the best of his position, that player would be class 1. If there were 5 other players that would be free-agents at that position. Two were over +10 (class 2), one was +0 (class 3), one was -5 (class 4), and lastly (deserving) -20 ( class 4).

Next would be to see how each team works into the picture. If a team already has a class 1 player at a certain position, they would not be able to pursue a player in the same class regardless of their cap situation (see following that covers that part). As in a position such as offensive tackle, each side has their own rating and if that player had played multiple positions, they would be rated by the position they played the most. If a special teams player other than punter, kicker, holder or snapper plays mostly on offense or defense, that rating would be in effect. Similar to the draft, the order in which a team can sign a player is based on regular season record only. The exception being that post season effects the draft position. So even a team like the Giants would still be able to sign a player before a team like Green-Bay based on the 2011 season.

Injuries are a part of the game as we saw last year. So how that is an influence could be from a few ways. First, if an injured class 2 player returns earlier than expected after that players team signed another player with an equal or better rating. That player has the option to declare free-agency regardless of contract. If he doesn't, the newer signed player becomes a free-agent at end of season. In the case of career ending injuries, the team who losses that player get first rights to a same position player the next season or be comped in salary cap relief. Injury clauses in contracts over-rule anything else.

Another avenue this includes is the salary cap. In my ideal NFL world, losing teams would get relief by other teams' signings. So if all capped out losing teams couldn't take advantage to sign a player based on the above if no $ are there to do so would get a % added to their next years cap.

That's everything off the top of my head. Many of you might have much to add. Be my guest. Get one of the "Writers" here to draft up something and send it to the NFL.

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