The Last Stand

By now everybody understands that I am firmly in the Blackmon camp and I think both sides of the argument have gotten so ridiculous that I've grown tired of arguing it. In this post I will make my final argument for not only why we should take Blackmon but also why we WILL take Blackmon (he will be there) and ultimately get out all my thoughts on the issue in this post. After this post I will not argue for or against Blackmon but instead sit back and watch everything unfold. So let this be my last stand, why the Rams will indeed take Blackmon with their 6th pick in the upcoming draft.


There has been a wide belief around TST is Blackmon will be taken before we pick and the team that takes him will be Cleveland but I do not believe this to be true. Cleveland recently lost Peyton Hillis and ever since then I've believed Richardson is a lock at the four spot. The Cleveland offense is predicated around the power run game and doesn't work without it. Richardson is far and away the best Running Back and is a better prospect than Blackmon. If you want to look for another why they will take Richardson with their 4th pick look no further than who Richardson is being compared to. Richardson has recently been dubbed as the best Running Back prospect to come out of college since Adrian Peterson himself. Why is this relevant? Back before the 2007 draft the Browns were rumored to have been interested in Adrian Peterson but on Draft Day chose to pass on him for Joe Thomas most likely because of an injury that has never affected him in the pros. Although I am sure they stick by there pick since Thomas is one of the best Left Tackles in the league, I do not believe they can pass one Richardson when he is pulling comparisons of that sort. The last reason why I believe the Browns will not take Blackmon is because they have another pick in the first round. They can get a pretty good Wide Receiver with it while there is not another Running Back in the draft worth first round consideration or nearly as good as Richardson. With the other pick in the first the Browns could have choices among Hill, Floyd (maybe), Wright, or Alshon which is not too bad.

Why We Will Pick Him When He Falls To Us:

There are two major reasons why I believe the Rams will pick Blackmon when he falls to us at the #6 spot in the draft. The first reason is because Brandon Lloyd left. After he decided to leave finally this pick was set in stone. I do not understand how anybody can look at the Wide Receivers that we have on the roster right now and say we should pass on Blackmon if he is there. Gibson is our #1 Wide Receiver right now! Are we willing to take the risk of waiting for the second round of the draft to solve this problem, I do not think so. Additionally, we have tried to fix our Wide Receiver position with Free Agents and mid-late round draft picks in the past and where exactly has that gotten us? The worst group of Wide Receivers that I've ever seen. Am I saying that Blackmon will step in and completely change the position and make it not be an issue anymore, no but what I am saying is we have to start somewhere. The second reason I believe this to be true is because of the Media Hype/Sam Bradford Effect.

Media Hype/Sam Bradford Effect:

Fresh off the Championship game of the NCAA championship the 2010 NFL Draft was already on Rams fans minds. Suh was on the mind of almost every Rams fan including 3k but he not even knowing if Sam's shoulder was up to par was ahead of the curve. He dropped his first all team mock draft of the Rams taking none other than Sam Bradford out of OU. His reasoning for doing so:

I think this is going to be much like Detroit's pick last year; the country is going to feel the team gravitating toward a QB before the local fan base accepts it. And just like Detroit fans last year were clamoring for offensive line help, I won't be surprised if Suh's contingent here at TST feels the sting early on (similar to the Aaron Curry fans in 2009), but this puts a lot of pressure on HC Spagnuolo and OC Shurmur to turn things up a notch offensively in 2010 especially if they take Bradford over Jimmy Clausen (QB, Notre Dame)

Basically the Front Office will fill the pressure from the media to take Sam Bradford over the favorites Suh and Jimmy Clausen. As we got closer to the draft 3ks words became truer and truer, the media had latched onto the thought of Sam being a Ram that they didn't let go of the thought. They instead started to push it harder as the days went on, sound similar? During this media frenzy 3 camps emerged among Ram fans and they were:

Sam Supporters

Suh Supporters

Trade down or anybody but Sam Supporters

The first two are pretty straight forward but I will explain the third one. This group of supporters was so against the drafting of Sam that they were willing to throw in names of other prospects like Jimmy Clausen being the #1 pick just to get across the point that they did not want Bradford, sound even more similar? 3k once again stood by his inclination of Sam being a Ram with his second mock of the year with the Rams ultimately taking Bradford with the 1st pick in the draft. He was ultimately right, the Rams released Marc Bulger, and the Rams would go on to take Sam with the 1st pick in the 2010 draft.

What does this have to do with Blackmon, easy.

Sure you can point out the flaws in my theory, because Sam was seen as the best QB to come out since Peyton, he's a QB and Sam was picked at the #1 spot not the #6 spot but hear me out while I point out the major key points in what I have brought up. 1. If you don't think that the media has put on the pressure of Blackmon to the Rams, you have been living under a rock ever since the OKst vs Stanford game. It seems like every mock you see will ultimately have us taking Blackmon and for good reason. This is also a thing that the country has agreed with before the entire Rams fan base has. 2. Ever since the Rams traded down there has been 3 sets of parties:

Blackmon Supporters

Richardson Supporters

Trade down or anybody but Blackmon Supporters

The last connection between Blackmon and Sam, just like we could not wait another year for a franchise Quarter Back, likewise goes for us not being able to wait another year for a #1 Wr. We have tried the Free Agent rout and it did not work.

Now we have Bradford going into Bradford's 3rd year which is widely known as the make it or break it year and we are on the brink of considering Bradford a bust because of his faulty surroundings, are you really going to pass one the best Wide Receiver in the draft? This is not about me being a fan boy of Bradford, this is about me being a fan of the Rams and wanting them to succeed. They cannot do that when their franchise Quarter Back is surrounded by mediocrity. Blackmon will not fix our Wide Receiver problem but we have to start somewhere.

There's my reasons and thoughts for why the Rams not only should take Blackmon but will take him with the 6th pick in the draft, thanks for reading..

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