The Next Rob Gronkowski?!?!

Stanford had their schools' pro day for the likes of everyone from Luck to Decastro Martin and company to show off their skills and all the measurables that could be weighed, measured, and clocked today. The person that stole the show was Tight end Coby Fleener.



Mayock’s stopwatch read 4.51, but it’s still a very fast time for a 6-foot-6, 247-pound human being. That being said Rob Gronkowski who last year set the record for most TD catches for a tight end in a single season ran a 4.65 and a 4.71 in his pro day at Arizona State. This kid can fly for his size he plays very tough and physical and with that kind of speed on a very tall and well built tight end can make a guy like this incredibly dangerous and explosive. I would personally love to see the Rams look his direction come draft day.

Last year everyone on this site was incredibly infatuated with the 2 TE system that the Patriots have been using and a lot of readers were speculating that mr mchoody would come in and instill a lot of those looks using Illini Mike and Kendricks very similar to the way that Gronk and Hernandez are used in NE. I for one still believe that Kendricks was the victim of a great preseason which raised all of our expectations for him. He suffered just like the rest of our rookies from being thrown into a very complex NFL playbook without any Organized training activites last year.

check out the one handed grab about halfway thru this clip this kids got some amazing hands breakaway speed that no OLB in the NFL can cover and he would be a great weapon over the middle.

Coby Fleener: Mackey Award Tight End of the Week (via StanfordFball)

I would love to see the rams draft Coby Fleener and bring this huge red zone threat with good speed in to St. Louis. Most mock drafts have him going late in the 1st round to the Giants. I know we are very thin at WR and i know the Rams have hole at DT OLB and all over the OL, but a guy like Jimmy Graham of New Orleans can be the primary weapon for a QB much like how Sam relied heavily on Jermain Gresham in college. I have not given up on Kendricks but i have given up on the always injured Hoomonawanui. Im tired of watching us keep guys like Bajema and let playmakers even average pass catchers like Daniel Fells walk. It astonishes me that a guy that cant cut it for the talent depleted Rams can sign on with Denver and then San just goes to show how a terrible FO can set a franchise back with terrible talent evaluations.

If you look around the NFL all the teams that have a great passing game in a very much pass orientated league these days have a great TE. Gates, Jimmy Graham, Gonzalez, Gronkowski. All of these guys give their teams serious weapons and great explosive plays. Snead is looking for explosive players, in a draft very deep in WR's id love to draft a stud DT OT OG or even Richardson in the first and look to add WR's and other offensive weapons in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

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