Potential Steal In The Draft

Every year there's always a player that people look back on and ask each other how did their respective teams miss on him. Asking how this player went under the radar and made it to mid or late round pick. These types of picks are what separate good Front Offices from the great ones, spotting a diamond in the rough. The reason for this player slipping to later rounds comes in many variations like coming from a small school, injury, or they underperformed in college, below expected expectations that make teams want to back off of them. The player that I will bring up in this post is very known and was once a early second late first round pick but thanks to a torn ACL he has dropped to third or fourth round in most mocks. The player that I'm talking about is, Ryan Broyles.



Broyles is what you would call, a play maker. Before the season Ryan Broyles was seen as one of the top Wide Receivers in the NCAA if not the best and he was performing like it on the field as well. From watching the Sooners (religiously), Broyles was the single most important person on that offense and it showed big time when he went down. The offense looked like it lost a step when he went down and Laundry didn't look as well without his safety net and go to guy. Statistically, Broyles is not only one of the best Wide Receivers in OU history but also in NCAA history but thanks to an ACL injury that took him out for the season he's likely to go in the 3rd or 4th round.


Among his strengths, his great hands and his toughness are among his greatest attributes.Off the snap he shows his quickness to shake corners and also a good route runner on inside and outside routes. Extends his hands to snatch balls beyond his frame whether it be on the run or when he's looking straight on. He locates the ball very well over his shoulder and he will go low and high to catch the football especially in the end zone.Hangs on after taking a hit. Good sideline awareness, keeps feet in-bounds.Works the field great up the middles on crossing and short routes. He's a typical slot receiver but can play outside. Effective on jerk routes to free himself up from safeties, Lulls corners and corners but can get by them down the seam or sideline. He was used off screens a lot at OU to take advantage of his acceleration after the catch. Also has a great burst out of his cuts that allow him to get separation. Has long arms that allow him to get defenders off of him and is willing to lower his pads to get extra yards. Fearless over the middles, utilizes the spin move and isn't afraid to be hit. On top of all of this he is an above average punt returner. Also, this is just a strength for the Rams but he already has chemistry with Sam.


He could work more on his blocking skills although he does work to get an angles on his man. He does uses his arms to get distance between him and the defender, should get better with coaching and added strength in this area. Although he is a good return man, he does sometimes dance more often than you would like to see and does not have exceptional long term speed, can be caught from behind. He will struggles to get off the jam at the next level because of his size (5'10 190), but added strength should help in this area.

3 game analysis of him:

WR Ryan Broyles NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft)

Another Video:

Ryan Broyles Highlights (via Johnson9030)

Where he can play:

At the very least Broyles is a rich mans Wes Welker and at the best he's a good #2.

What round he's most likely going in:

He's been recovering ahead of schedule and will be working out in April before the draft. His draft stock could see some life if he performs well there and he could go anywhere from the 2nd to 4th round.

So tell me, would you want Broyles in a Rams uni next season, do you think he could be a good 2 or am I overrating him?

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