Rams MOCKtastic DRAFT -1.0

Good afternoon,

Thought I'd put on my Mel Kiper jr hairpiece on and force my minimal knowlege of these draft prospects upon you guys. I dont watch college ball a whole lot but i read up on these prospects once draft time comes around. So without further ado, here is my RamsMOCKtastic DRAFT

1st - Justin Blackmon - WR Oklahoma St. (6-1, 215, 4.45 40)

LOVE this guy. I know a lot of people dont care for him and don't think he's a #1 WR, but the more I watch videos of him, the more I want him on this team. I am one of the few people who think he can become a true #1 WR. He doesn't have all the measurables that a normal pick this high should have, but he just seems to have that it factor and a strong passion for the game. I love passionate football players. I would take him in a heartbeat if he was there at 6. T.Rich would be my second option or a trade down to get Michael Floyd

2nd - Lavonte David - OLB Nebraska (6-1, 233, 4.65 40)

A great hard nosed, passionate football player. Love the way this guy plays. He has exceptional instincts and good on coverage with enough speed to cover tight ends. He is a good blitzer and was a dominate force, sometimes taking over games at Nebraska. Hope he falls to us in the 2nd

2nd - Jerel Worthy - DT Michigan St. (6-2, 308)

A highly touted DT in college. He is a great run stopper and is "explosive" (shoutout to Snead) off the snap. He is a decent pass rusher but probably wont get many sacks. I see him more of a penetrator to force the QB to move out the pocket for the wolves (Long & Quinn) to attack. Still has some untapped potential

3rd - Amini Silatolu - OG Midwestern St. (6-3, 324)

A small school product that dominated his competition. Is supposedly a violent run blocker with a nasy streak. Played tackle in college so will have to get used to moving to guard. Needs to work on pass blocking technique

4th - Matt McCants - OT UAB (6-6, 295)

A raw procepect with some great potential. Decent in pass blocking and a good run blocker. Has some good length and has room to bulk up and get stronger. A good project that could end up starting by the end of the year

6th - Jeff Fuller - WR Texas A&M (6-4, 223, 4.65 40)

He probably wont fall this far but his stock has definitly been dropping since the end of the college season. He is just a big redzone target. Has had a problem with injuries which may be a red flag to us Rams fans. Not very fast at all and will probably have problems seperating at the NFL level but he is just too big of a target to pass up. If he is not here i would try for Chris Rainey (RB/WR/KR) or Joe Adams (WR/KR)

7th - Cliff Harris - CB/KR Oregon (5-11, 175)

RED FLAGS RED FLAGS RED FLAGS ALL OVER THE PLACE! I dont know much about him but from what ive read he is a troubled but talented young man that was kicked out of Oregon. He has boatloads of potential and posses all the talents you would need in a corner and was an excellent return man. This is just the type of player for Fisher to take under his wing and turn into an all pro.

What do you guys think? I know that I didnt add a RB but SJ39 is still a beast and can carry the load for one more year. Didnt see a better value spot for a running back compared to the players i picked. Hopefully we can get a FA RB to back up SJ this year and be able to draft a back like Lattimore next year with one of our 2 1st rounders

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