A look at the NFL 1st Round WR draft history...

First, never posted before so please, please cut me some slack. With all that's happened with WR's in free agency, it looks like we'll have to look to the draft to get a WR. I thought I'd look at WR's picked in the first round for the last 11 years:

2001 8. David Terrell 9. Koren Robinson

2002 13. Donte Stallworth 19. Ashley Lelie

2003 2. Charles Rogers 3. Andre Johnson

2004 3. Larry Fitzgerald 7. Roy Williams

2005 3. Braylon Edwards 7. Troy Williamson

2006 25. Santonio Holmes 36. Chad Jackson

2007 2. Calvin Johnson 9. Ted Ginn Jr.

2008 33. Donnie Avery 34. Devin Thomas

2009 7. Darrius Heyward-Bey 10. Michael Crabtree

2010 22. Demaryius Thomas 24. Dez Bryant

2011 4. AJ Green 6. Julio Jones

Out of these 22, only four of them would I consider as elite: Andre, Fitz, Megatron, and AJ. Hands, size, speed, and big play ability made them all top four picks in their respective drafts. Only Andre had another WR picked before him. AJ killed it last year as a rookie and with a rookie QB throwing to him. I expect him to continue to do so. Also, none of them came from a spread offense which I do believe inflates QB and WR stats.

Now I come to Blackmon. Is he worth it at six? I love his game, and I do think he is talented. But I'd pass. He could easily be a Donte Stallworth or Charles Rogers. The picks above show that he has a greater chance of that than an Andre or Fitz. One thing on his side is that he's a humble kid so he isn't going to be a Holmes or Bryant. That's the only upside I see.

There are too many needs all over this team. Shit, we only won 2 games last year! One wide receiver is not going to solve our problems. We got a great deal for our 2nd pick this year giving us two first round picks in the next two drafts. If there is a beast WR in the next two drafts, we can easily move up to get him with those picks.

Sign Amendola. Sign Steve Smith. With Salas and those two, we have three sure handed slot receivers. Go get a field stretcher in the 2nd round. I thought we should have drafted Torrey Smith in the 2nd last year instead of Kendricks but whatever. Even Kendricks showed great potential in the preseason.

We all want '99 to happen all over again. It ain't. This is going to be a project rebuild from inside to out.

Ok, now go ahead and blast me.

ONLY POSTED THE FIRST TWO SELECTIONS IN THE FIRST ROUND OF EACH DRAFT. It helped to better make my point that there are great WR's in the later picks.
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