My Thoughts on the Rams offseason thus far

Is it just me or are things moving WAY to slowly for the Rams so far in their quest to acquire talent this offseason. I like the job that Jeff Fisher did when he got here by trimming the fat and letting go of people like Jacob Bell, Jason Brown, Fred Robbins, Justin Bannan and Justin King. With the players we cut and the free agents that we lost, I figured their were about 17 holes to fill on our roster. So far, all we have been able to reel in are CB Cortland Finnegan, C Scott Wells and DT Kendall Langford.

There were a lot of free agents that we never resigned who probably might still be floating around out there for us to bring back. If Chris Chamberlain, Kellen Clemens, Donnie Jones and Tony Wragge are still available I would like for the Rams to bring them back. Chamberlain was serviceable as a linebacker and special teams demon. Kellen Clemens did an admirable job while Bradford was out with his injury last season and now that Brian Schottenheimer is our OC, it wouldn't hurt to have Clemens back since he is familiar with his system. Donnie Jones in my opinion was a pro bowl punter that never got a fair shake. I had Tony Wragge penciled in as our starting center when we let go of Jason Brown. He would be good to have for depth.

I was glad that we were able to pull the deal with the Redskins for our number two. The idea that we own their first round draft pick for the next three years probably puts us in a position to add some prime talent over the next three years BUT....(and you knew their was a BUT coming). When we were talking about trade scenarios I was actually hoping we could work a deal that would give us someones first round, second round and either 3rd or 4th round as well as a first round or second round next year. I would have preferred to fill the holes that are on the roster right now with free agency and 6 picks in the first four rounds this year. I figure by the time we get to use that first rounder in 2014, some of the studs on the current roster are going to be leaving and needing to be replaced. Hence, we will constantly be in rebuilding mode.

Because we are a team that seems to be perpetually rebuilding it seems like prime free agents don't seem to want to come to the Rams. We need to move faster to get this organization to the point where everyone will want to be a part of the fun in St. Louis like the old Greatest Show On Turf days.

Right now we have the 6th pick in the first round. There should only be three players for us to target with that pick. Justin Blackmon, Matt Kalil and Morris Claiborne. If those guys are all gone, we need to trade down with someone who wants that 6th pick and pick up an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick. Depending on how far down we drop, we might be able to draft David DeCastro or Kendall Wright later on in the first round.

When the second round starts we will be on the board and teams will have overnight to work a deal with us to move down out of that pick. There HAS TO BE a stud who falls out of the first round that many teams will be clamoring to get into position to pick up. If we can trade down out of that 33rd pick and pick up another third rounder, then that will put us even closer to filling some of those roster holes with prime talent.

One thing that I like is the fact that Jeff Fisher has a knack for finding diamonds in the rough for the offensive and defensive line in the later rounds. Michael Roos who is one of the top offensive tackles in the league is from Eastern Washington, guard Eugene Amano is from Southeast Missouri State, guard Jake Scott is from Idaho and DT Jason Jones (who scorned us and went to Seattle) is from Eastern Michigan. So if we wind up scratching our heads on draft day give Fisher the benefit of the doubt.

If we wind up making the two trades this is what I would like to see our draft board look like:

1st Round: David DeCastro OG

2nd Round: David Wilson RB

2nd Round: Zebrie Sanders OT

3rd Round: Sean Spence OLB

3rd Round: Amini Silatolu OG

3rd Round: Nigel Bradham LB

4th Round: Brian Quick WR

6th Round: Kheeston Randall DT

7th Round: Ryan Steed CB

7th Round: Brian Linthecum TE

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