What the hell, I might as well mock the draft too!!

Ok, here we go:


I Hope they trade down with anyone still interested in Tannehill soooo, I know that Miami would rather eat glass than trade with the Rams BUT, they need a QB. We get their second and fifth and a second and fourth next year.


Fletcher Cox

There nothing better that I can think of but a JPP clone. Other possibilities, Decastro, Poe, Reiff.

Another TRADE??? Yes, now that we have another extra pick in the second, it's enough to entice, who else, the Patriots, for their 27th pick. We give up the Miami 2nd at 2,40


Cordy Glenn

A massive dude that can fill the guard spot left by Jacob bell. Makes Saffold better because he doesn't have to worry as much about covering for Bell and Glenn doesn't have to worry as much about his right side because Wells will be there instead of Brown.


Zach Brown

We have needed an upgrade at OLB about as long as we have needed a WR. This kid can fly but he also can cover on passing downs like a glove for an OLB.


Juron Criner

This kid isn't fast but he has the knack for being open and catching the ball when it's thrown to him. He's got good size and plays faster than his 40. I think he's 6'4" 220. You may not have seen him back east but I saw enough of him out here to know I'm glad he's not playing for Arizona anymore cause I'm a Duck. With the addition of Steve Smith or Manningham and whatever happens with Amendola and Salas, we should be very decent at WR.


Lamichael James

Trust me, I'm a duck fan. LOL!!! With an improved line, if he gets into space at all, he's an instant 20 to 40 to the house. We need a third down back like the Patriots had with Kevin Faulk and this kid is a better version but we don't need the big back yet. I'd like to see them pick up Tolbert in free agency as well to plug the big back hole. James can field punts and kick offs too.


Matt McCants

The need to address Oline depth is dire. He's raw but has a great upside. A perfect three year project if he pans out, he could kick Smith to the curb.

5,137 (from Miami)

Coty Sensabaugh

Need to throw in a CB. Not as critical since we replaced Bartell with Finnegan but still a need.


Eddie Pleasant

A safety that hits like a freakin truck. Has great awareness and will make those guys flaring out for a dump screen to think twice about what may be coming there way.


Josh Kaddu

We need more LB depth and this kid can play the run and pass rush fairly well. Look at the seventh round everybody's a crap shoot. I might as well be a Duck homer cause I'm familiar with them. I would also take Dave Paulson the Duck TE here or in free agency. This kid could catch a greased pig if Favre rifled it at him from five yards away with one hand!!! Don't believe me? Check him out on YouTube. Paulson would be a great H-back.

Let me know what ya think?

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