Interview with Kevin McCauley, Packers fansite head writer, about Scott Wells



Super excited about our new center, and I got ahold of Kevin, who was gracious enough to answer a few quick questions about Scott Wells, the Rams new Pro Bowl center

Rick: Let's start by talking about your team. Scott Wells is a pro bowl center that had been with the team since 2004, acting as the bridge from Favre to Rodgers. He will not be easy to replace. Do you have someone currently on the roster that can fill that void, or do you anticipate a free agent move or draft pick to fill his shoes?

Kevin: I think it's going to have to be a free agent or draft pick. There have been some grumblings that G/C Evan Dietrich-Smith could potentially be a starting center in the future, but based on what I've seen from him in preseason and very limited regular season action, I don't think he's ever going to be a high-quality NFL starting center.

How would you describe Scott Wells as a player? A hard worker? A team leader? Smart? Finesse? Physical? All of the above? Something else entirely?

Kevin: He's more of a finesse than physical player for an offensive lineman and he's extremely intelligent. Aaron Rodgers has said that Wells is the player who knows the offense best and he frequently changes protections at the line. This should be a very big help for Sam Bradford.

Maybe the biggest issue for the Rams on the offensive side of the ball last year was keeping Sam Bradford upright. He was sacked nearly one out of every ten drop backs. Will Scott be able to make a difference to the teams pass protection, and help keep Sam upright and healthy?

Kevin: Yes, absolutely. Wells is a competent, but not elite run blocker. In pass protection, he is one of the best centers in the league. Both because of his pass blocking skills and because of how good he is at making reads and changing protections at the line, he should help in that department immensely.

One of the major issues in pass protection was the calling of protections. Sam really struggled with this, and Jason Brown was virtually useless. Is protection calling something Scott Wells is familiar with?

Kevin: Oops, I probably should have read all the questions, then answered! As you read above, yes, this is what makes him extremely valuable. It's his biggest asset.

Hate to bring up a painful subject, but in the Packers playoff loss to the Giants, protections really broke down, allowing 4 sacks, which lead to 4 turnovers. Any comments on how Scott, in particular, played in that game?

Kevin:I didn't notice any problem with Wells in that game. I would have to watch the game back to be completely sure, but I don't recall Wells making any major mistakes and I don't believe that his play directly led to any of the sacks.

Scott was the center that helped Aaron Rodgers go from young quarterback taking over for a legend to a Super Bowl and league MVP. How instrumental was Scott to Aaron Rodgers development? What do you think he can bring to the Rams and Sam's development that he learned from that experience?

Kevin: I don't think that I can answer that question without really being embedded with the team. From just watching games and listening to interviews, you can figure out that someone is an intelligent player and that they're good at adjusting protections, but I don't feel comfortable making a determination either way on whether or not Wells had much to do with Rodgers becoming an elite quarterback. But, because Wells is such an intelligent player, it seems logical to assume that he will help Bradford become a better player.

With Scott coming off of a pro bowl season, are you surprised the Packers allowed him to walk away, rather than use their franchise tag on him?

Kevin: No, not at all. The Packers are under the cap, but only by $7m. They couldn't afford to gamble that he would be willing to sign a long-term contract that they were agreeable to.

Any other comments on Scott Wells, the Packers, the Rams, or anything else football related?

Kevin: Football is awesome.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to give us your thoughts, Kevin! You can read more from him at

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