My Sorta Mock Draft picks 1-4

I havent attempted one of these yet, so ill give it a go.I'm only doing up to the 4th pick, because i don't really have any knowledge of late round prospects, and i think it would just be to hard to make any real judgement that far. I wont write much analysis if any, but instead ill maybe provide some video highlights. Also im assumng that we obtain these FA's.

Cortland Finnegan (already got him)

Jason Jones or Kendall Langford

Scott Wells

Mario Manninghan or Steve Smith

1.(6th) Justin Blackmon WR

2.(33rd) Mike Adams OT( man im bummed to put him here, especially after his combine, yuck) I said no analysis but i own it to everyone for an explanation on this one. He does have the ideal size and body to be able to put on weight and not lose any athleticism, and since they say he played so well at Ohio State, i can only assume it was his undeniable skill at the position that got him by playing with lackluster strength and speed. Originally being a first round draft pick and dropping due to his combine performance would put him in perfect position to be drafted by us , as the OT prospects start to really thin out at this point. Im banking on him to turn it around with the help of a Jeff Fisher run training camp and preseason. Get your ass back in shape Mike.

2. (39th) Man im having trouble with this pick, so many good prospects to choose from and so many different directions to take this draft too. So id like some help from the TST community on this one.(if your wondering i think Gilmore CB, Hill WR, and Sanu WR are gone at this point) Poll is at the bottom of page.

3.(66th) Alameda Ta' amu DT , i guess i wont be getting Poe this draft, so ill take the next big man. I dont think DT's need to be sack machines, rather players that demand double teams, and force ball carriers to run away from them. I would think a actuall 348lb Samoan would deserve more of a comparison to Haloti Ngata then Poe but i understand.

4.(96th) Chris Polk HB , I really like this guy, and he is my long shot pick to fall out of the 3rd round. He is not an immediate starter, and needs a little work to develop into a real feature back, but we luckily have the luxury of not needing him right off the bat. Heres a nice video i found, sorry if you find the music a little strange.

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