Mockin' For Life

Here's another scenario that could possibly happen. In an interview when Fisher said he'd consider trading and we all supposed it meant just the second pick. Most also thought he meant down if the talent wasn't there but I think if a player falls far enough that this regime really likes they'd consider trading up. This will be put to use in this draft scenario. Furthermore there will be a trade of a player in this scenario to get us extra picks. Last but not least I will go through some Free Agents that I would like for the Rams to get.

Free Agent Signings:

Cortland, CB: Already a Rams

Jason Jones, DE: Seems like Fisher really wants him and Finnegan is already trying to recruit him.

Mario Manningham, Wr: Sure he won't be a 1 here although that's what he wants but he could be a great number 2.

Scott Wells, C: Would be an upgrade to our O-line

With out Free Agent signings this should cut out some needs for us in the draft. Also in Free Agency we let Amendola leave and go to the Patriots for a 2nd round pick. Sure he is a safety net for Sam but Salas is more athletic and faster version of Amendola and could be just as good a weapon as Amendola.


1.6. Trent Richarson, RB, Alabama:



Sure I don't agree with the pick but it seems the way that this seems like the most likely pick. Blackmon is sure to be a Brown (whiners) and if we trade down again we could lose out on some elite talent. I never had any problem with Richardson's talent (even though the comparisons with AD kinda make me laugh), he should be a great back for years to come under this system, welcome.

2.1. TRADE!! We trade up to New England and give them out 2nd and 4th round picks for their 28th pick.

1.28. Micheal Floyd, WR, Notre Dame



Sure I could see him going earlier than this but with so many teams signing Wide Receivers for big bucks I could see him falling a bit. Add that to the fact he's a bit injury prone and he has off the field issues I could easily see him being here. With all that said he's the only other #1 I see in this draft besides Blackmon and he has major upside. If not for his injuries I think he's a top 10 pick and is a steal here.

2.7. Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina



Right here you would normally see Ronnell Lewis or Zach Brown but I chose to go another route this time. Sure we have Finnegan but we don't know how Fletcher will come back and Gilmore has massive talent. I think he could be a good CB on the other side of Cortland and be a duo to be feared.

2.16. Bobby Wagner, OLB/ILB, Utah State



This is a need pick and we need an Outside Linebacker bad. Bobby was very productive at NCAA and he would fit perfectly in the 4-3. So we're getting great value here.

3.2. Bobbie Massie, RT, Ole Miss


via named him the best Right Tackle in this draft class and sure we need an Left Tackle but I believe Saffold could be a pretty good Left Tacle given time. I'm also a believe that we don't absolutely need a great Left Tackle to succeed but one that gives Sam the time in the pocket to get off his passes and not have a helmet full of grass.

That's my first 3 rounds of the draft and I tried to make it as different as possible from previous ones. I don't have neither of my man crushes in it but still got pretty good players at positions of need. I think all of these players could step into the positions and succeed in them immediately and we'd have a much improved team with them.

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