WR Mike Wallace to Rams scenario

Rams brothers, you may know that I have been advocating going after a #1 WR for years now. In my opinion, Steelers WR Mike Wallace would be a superb addition to the Rams WR unit. It would be even better than Vincent Jackson or Brandon Marshall. Mike Wallace is only 25 years old and has accumulated 24 TDs and 3,000+ yards in only 3 seasons. He is arguably the top deep threat in the NFL. Wallace would fill a huge need for the Rams. We are starting to hear some rumors about the Rams trading for DeSean Jackson. I would also be happy with that but I much rather have Wallace who seems to be more mature and hasn't even reached his ceiling.

WR Wallace's Full Stats


2009 16 39 756 19.4 60 6 28 1 1
2010 16 60 1,257 21.0 56 10 48 1 0
2011 16 72 1,193 16.6 95 8 54 1 1

Now, Wallace has been tendered at the 1st round level so the question is how could we get Wallace?

Some people have reported New England's interest in trading up to the top 10. New England owns picks #27 and #31 in the first round. We could trade our #6 for New England's #27 and #31 plus a 3rd round pick (or whatever makes sense for both parties). Then, give the Steelers pick #27 and get Wallace. We would immediately take care of a huge hole in our offense. Wallace is young so he could build a great rapport with Bradford. It seems that everybody is in agreement on the fact that there is no Calvin Johnson / A.J. Green type of receiver in this draft so I don't think we should draft a WR in the first round based on need. Because of this reason, acquiring Wallace via trade makes even more sense to me.

I am all for trading for a known commodity. If we were to trade down for Wallace, we would know exactly what we would be getting. Blackmon and the other WRs in the draft are intriguing of course but Wallace has proven what he can do in the NFL.

After this trade, the Rams would end up with Mike Wallace and have the following picks in the first two rounds:

1st round - #31 from New England

2nd round - #1 (#33 overall) and #7 (#39 overall) from Washington

I believe that there is a lot of quality in this draft in the first three rounds so those three picks give us a great range of possibilities.

I would be extremely satisfied if after all is said and done we end up with a top WR as Wallace and have three picks in the first 40 picks of the draft.

What are your thoughts? I trust this FO has at least considered a scenario like this one. Snead/Fisher seem to be aggressive so I have faith that they will finally address the WR unit.

Go Rams!!!

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