Mock Draft If Rams Move Down From 6

Hey guys, I posted a mock draft back around the end of January. There have been a lot of changes since then; the combine severely affecting the stock of many players. Also a lot of transactions made on the first day of free agency. The move which most affects us, however, is the great trade we made with the Skins, gathering a boatload of draft picks. Selecting at #6, the Rams have essentially two choices. Assuming Kalil is gone, either take whoever is left between Blackmon and Claiborne. If none are availible, I believe the Rams will attempt to trade down. In the mock I am posting, I will explore the most realistic option of the Rams trading down, and what will unfold from there.

Like I stated before the jump, both Blackmon and Claiborne are gone. Seeing the combine expose Reilly Reiff's alligator arms, as well as him looking shaky in the drills, I believe spending the sixth pick on him is a reach. With no other real value for us that high, we will trade down. With the rapid growth of the need of a quarterback in today's nfl, there will be a team desperate enough to trade to #6 and pick Ryan Tannehill. I firmly believe if we move down, it will be with the Chiefs. At the scouting combine, Romeo Crennel was quoted as saying that Cassel was the starter, until they got another quarterback on the team. Seeing how they lost out in the Manning sweepstakes and are not comfortable with Cassel, they will make a play for Tannehill. With that being said, the Chiefs will trade us their first round selection (#11), second round (#44), fourth round (#107), and a first rounder for next season.

Round 1, Pick 11: Trent Richardson, Rb, Alabama. I know this is a luxury pick, and we have another needs which we need to fill, but hear me out on this one. The Rams will not ignore the receiver position, and will spend at least one draft pick in that area. I expect them to pursue a wide receiver in free agency, although that market is fading fast. As for offensive lineman, Reiff will probably be selected by Miami, leaving only David DeCastro as a sensible lineman to pick here. I do not believe the Rams will spend this pick on a guard, as a tackle is more essential. Fisher also has a knack for finding lineman late in the draft. Fisher also likes to implement a run heavy system. Touted as the best Rb since AD, Richardson would take pressure off Sam, and help our offense greatly. Besides, the last time we drafted a running back when we already had a great one, look what happened.

Round 2, Pick 33: Fletcher Cox, Dt, Mississippi State. Cox would be a great pick for us at the top of round 2. Although this touted as a deep defensive tackle class, many of the touted prospects scare me. Cox is not one of them. He has a good combination of speed and power, and is versatile on the defensive line. He also had a very good combine, which can only help.

Round 2, Pick 39: Mohammed Sanu, Wr, Rutgers. Despite a poor combine, I believe Sanu will develop into a solid wideout in the nfl. With above average speed and tremendous size, Sanu can work all levels of the field well and is able to get separation, something Rams receivers had a hard time doing last season.

Round 2, Pick 44: Ronnell Lewis, Olb, Oklahoma. The need of an outside linebacker is addressed with Lewis. He is a tremendous athlete, with exceptional speed and great strength. Intelligence is not a strong part of his game, however that is not too much of a problem, as his ability to flow to the ball, contain the outside run, and drop into coverage will cover for that.

Round 3, Pick 66: Jeff Allen, Ot, Illinois. Here is an offensive tackle in the mid rounds, and another one which Fisher will see can be a quality starter. Allen is a strong run blocker, however needs to improve his pass blocking consistency. He is picking up steam as of late, and will be a nice value for the Rams.

Round 4, Pick 96: Phillip Blake, C, Baylor. The Canadian boy would provide great value in at the top of round 4, and could start for us right away. He is a better pass than run blocker, and is not easy to push around. Considering the Rams just released Jason Brown, this is a much needed selection

Round 4, Pick 107: Marvin McNutt, Wr, Iowa. I think McNutt is going to be a steal. With deceptive speed, good hands, and great YAC, McNutt will be contributor for the Rams from day one.

* Round 5 Pick Traded For Brandon Lloyd*

Round 6, Pick 160: Demario Davis, Olb, Arkansas State. Davis is a strong prospect, however speed is an issue. He may be a quality starter, and at the least will provide much needed depth at the linebacker position.

Round 7, Pick 192: Joe Halahuni, Fb, Oregon State. Ideal H-Back, would be a good replacement for the injury-prone Britt Miller.

Round 7, Pick 194: Randy Bullock, K, Texas A&M. He was an All-american kicker, and we all know how Josh Brown needs to be replaced.

Free Agents Remaining to Look At (We already signed Finnegan and assuming Jason Jones, Jarrett Bush)

Anyone who can handle kick offs and punt returns: Not going to get picky, but Quinn Porter and Nick Miller/Austin Pettis can be easily upgraded.

Anthony Collins, Ot. He will not command a big contract, and has the potential to be a starter at the tackle position.

Manny Lawson, Olb. Lawson is a speedy outside linebacker, however pass coverage is not his strong suit.

Wallace Gilberry, De. A solid rotational defensive end,and get to the quarterback too.

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