Big Board of Possible Picks for 3 Rounds

Round 1 Pick 6:

1. Morris Claiborne, CB LSU- Claiborne is definitely the best defensive player in the draft. If the Rams sign Cortland Finnegan they could have their top three CBs would be Finnegan, Claiborne, and Fletcher (Assuming Bartell is released). The Rams have had success drafting defensive players. They got Chris Long, James Laurinaitis, and Robert Quinn in recent drafts.

2. Justin Blackmon, WR Ok St.- Blackmon would be a huge improvement over any receiver we have. He's fast and good at going up and getting the ball. If he's available and Claiborne isn't I think Blackmon will be the pick. I hope the Ramss can find another good receiver in free agency to teach and complement Blackmon.

3. Trent Richardson, RB Alabama- The Rams desperately need to find a great replacement for Jackson. He can't last. I see Richardson being the best RB available for years to come, so this would be the year to take him.

4. Trade Down and Take Michael Floyd, WR Notre Dame- Hey, why not. We would get more picks and get the second best receiver who has just as good of a chance of being a Pro Bowl receiver. Floyd is tall and fast and would also be a huge improvemnt.

Round 2 pick 33 and 39

1. Zach Brown, OLB North Carolina- We need an outside linebacker. Brown is very athletic and a hard player. He would be a good partner for JL. If Brown is available he'll be the pick.

2. Mike Adams, OT OSU- The Rams biggest need is OT. The Rams have to protect Bradford and have to do it soon. The Rams can get a good tackle in the second round. Adams is a first round player that will be taken in the second round. Lets hope the Rams are the team to get him.

3. Jerel Worthy, DT Michigan St.- Worthy is the best DT that could be available at this point. Worthy would immediately fill the void at the DT position and I hope the Rams find a way to get Worthy.

4. Jonathin Martin, OT Stanford- The same case as Adams. The Rams need a tackle and they'll take him with one of their first two picks.

5. Mohammed Sanu, WR Rutgers- If the Rams don't take a WR in the first then they will take one in the second. They have two second rounders and will like to add some depth to the WR core.

6. Ronnell Lewis, OLB Oklahoma- Ronnell Lewis is similar to Brown and will also fill the need at outsifde linebacker.

Round 3 Pick 66:

1. Brandon Boykin, CB Georgia- The Rams might also pick up some more help at the Cb position in the third round. I could definitely see the Rams taking two CBs in the first 3 rounds. Boykin was a great CB for Georgia and will make a good NFL CB.

2. LaMichael James, RB Oregon- If we don't take Richardson in the first than I see the Rams being very interested in taking James in the third. James is a change of pace back and very fast. He won't be a first string RB but will be a great complement to Jackson.

3. Dwight Jones, WR UNC- Jones is another receiver the Rams could take. He's also big and fast and would be a good pick in the third round. I hope the Rams can get him here and could be a very good WR in the NFL.

4. Alameda Ta'amu, DT Washington- The Rams need a good DT. The Rams need to put someone good in between Long and Quinn. Ta'amu is a big DT and would fill the need at DT. He would be a good pick at this position.

Please feel free to comment and give me your opinion.

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