Blackmon, Claiborne or Reiff. Who I think the Rams should pick and why.

The ink has just started to dry on the Rams new blockbuster deal with the Washington Redskins. Now the question is, what the rams should do with the 6th overall pick. Matt Kalil is certainly out of the question, giving the Rams a choice of Justin Blackmon WR, Morris Claiborne CB and Reilly Reiff OT. Now I'm going to give you a breakdown on each player( using my very limited knowledge of college football, please give me any corrections in the comments) from my perspective.

Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State

He is considered the best prospect in this draft, at the WR position. However hes not considered as good as the top two receivers of last years draft, and therefore some people think he shouldn't be taken in the top ten. On my analysis, I think that Blackmon deserves to be in the top ten, and has a great chance to become a star in this league. His route running, while slightly rough around the edges, is very good for a college me he seems to be a natural route runner, as he can feint the CB and make his cuts quite well. He seems some what like Brandon Llyod, who can also feint and cut really well. His speed and size is what many people seem to doubt and to that I say nonsense! Yes he might be slightly under ideal height and may not run the fastest 40, but his game speed and leaping ability is amazing. Very rarely do you see him get caught from behind. Isaac Bruce was not very tall or that fast, but he turned out pretty well. So did Torry Holt. Why Justin Blackmon is a lot like Holt, his hands may not be as stellar, but his game speed and leaping ability ans size are quite similar. Also while he comes from a very offense minded team, his Stats are just amazing. This guy can produce.

Morris Claiborne

Claiborne is the best Corner back prospect in the NFL draft. Some would say the best prospect after Luck and RG3. He hails from LSU lock down defense, considered the best in the nation. Claiborne is an elite prospect who can shutdown one side of the field. Many consider him better then last years top cornerback prospect( and former teammate) Patrick Peterson. After witnessing Rams cornerbacks falling like flies last year, and the unknown about the Rams two starting cornerbacks, Ron "Broken Neck" Bartell and Bradley "I hurt the same knee 3 times" Fletcher, it makes sense to get a good CB, who can also be a notch above both our starting cornerbacks. Personally, I think getting Claiborne, as good as he is, over Blackmon is crazy, because the Rams, even though were devastated at the cornerback position and had an awful run defense, their pass coverage wasn't so bad. They unearthed some gems like Gordy, and have solid depth at the CB spot. Next year however, depending on how what happens to the Rams cornerbacks, they may need to find a project player to develop, to replace Bartell.

Reilly Reiff

To me, I see LT as being one of the most important positions in football. They protect the blind side of a right handed QB, and therefore, has to be perfect in pass-protection to succeed. I am a big supporter of Matt Kalil, but he wont be available here. Reily Reiff the second best option at the LT section isn't very far off. However, while his run-blocking isn't bad, his pass-protection is nowhere near Kalil's level, and the most important skill for a LT is pass protection. His ideal position would be RT, which requires some more run-blocking. If we drafted him, it would be drafting a RT at no.6, not a very good idea.


Upon thinking about it, I have to say that IF, and thats a big if, IF all three players are there, then I would choose..... Blackmon. The Rams desperately need a wide receiver, and Blackmon isn't very bad. However, the Browns may scoop him up at no.4, so my second pick would be....... Claiborne. He's an elite talent, and would have been my first choice if not for the fact that he does not fill a major need, while Blackmons does. As you probably understood, Reiff is my last choice and thats because he isn't a great option at LT, definitely at no 6. Rodger Saffold would probably be better at LT, so we aren't upgrading the position. We can always get a good RT in free agency or later rounds of the draft.

Thanks for reading, this is a really long post, about 700+ words. What about Trent Richardson? Well, I'll (hopefully) be doing a post on him later, which also compares him to next years and this years running backs.

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