First post First mock Draft! With several trades

Alright so this being my first post i thoroughly went through each pick to make this mock as realistic as possible. in every draft there is a big surprise like someone who drops more then expected and someone taken a lot higher then expected so please don't chew me out for trying to include this. Also this draft is assuming Peyton ends up in Miami and either Matt Flynn or Kyle Orton ends up in Washington. i wont make the 33rd because i wanna see who u guys think we should draft at that spot. Please leave your thoughts and/or critiques in the comments.

1. Indy- Andrew luck QB (i think this has already been decided)

2. Cleveland (trade with rams for 4 and 22)- RG3 QB (Cleveland pays a hefty price but gets there man)

3. Minnesota- Matt Kalil OT (have to protect Ponder)

4. St. Louis- Justin Blackmon WR (If Kalil is gone i think we can all agree this is the consensus pick, even steven jackoson did)

5. Tampa Bay- Morris Claiborne CB (Best player available that fits there needs)

6. Washington- Michael Floyd WR (after his great combine and potentially a great pro day Washington decides to help either Matt Flynn or kyle Orton and get the best receiver available and is unable to trade down with Jacksonville almost certainly wanting to address the WR position.

7. Jacksonville- Melvin Ingram DE (Jacksonville looks for trade suitor but cant find one so they ultimately go with the best player available)

8. Miami- Riley Reiff OT (Gotta protect your star qb Peyton Manning)

9. Carolina- Dontari Poe DT (this kid goes very high due to his amazing combine, everybody is looking for the next Haloti Ngata)

10. Buffalo- Quinton Coples DE (even though i think buffalo would like to help there investment in fitzpatrick there is no receiver worthy of a top 10 pick so they go with the best player available.

11. KC- Jonathan Martin OT (Jared Gaither was foolishly waived so KC will be looking for an upgrade at the position)

12. Seattle- Ryan Tannehill QB (Seattle needs someone to challenge jackson)

13. Arizona- Janoris Jenkins/Dre Kirkpatrick CB (i know some of you might think this is a stretch but i think Arizona would really like the idea of pairing one of these guys with peterson rather then Richard Marshall who is set to be a free agent anyways.

14. Dallas- Dre Kirkpatrick/Janoris Jenkins CB (i think its a no brainer that dallas has to atleast pick one of the top cbs in this years draft and that will depend on which one Arizona picks)

15. Philly- Luke Kuechly MLB (no brainer)

16. Jets- Courtney Upshaw OLB/DE (i see a lot of people mocking Richardson here but i believe this would be a perfect fit for the jets and he is a Rex Ryan type of player)

17. Cincy- Trent Richardson RB (another no brainer)

18. San Diego- Nick Perry DE/OLB (they could go o line here but they did just add gaither which helped then win 4 of there last 5 games which included them putting up 34 points against one of the best defenses in th NFL in Baltimore. For these reasons i believe they go with a very intriguing prospect in Nick Perry)

19. Chicago Bears- Kendall Wright WR (Chicago needs to get cutler some weapons)

20. Rams trade with Tennessee- David Decastro OG (SUPRISE!!!! the rams trade with the titans given Fishers close ties with them and snatch the best guard in the draft away from cincy)

21. Cincy- Devon Still DT (after failing to get a steal in Decastro at 21 the Bengals go with the best player available which is Devon Still which in my opinion is still a steal)

22. Tennessee- Mark Barron S (Mike Munchak said himself he would not draft an interior lineman in this years draft so at this point i would think there man would have to be Mark Barron especially since Michael Griffin, Chris Hope and Jordan Babineaux are all set to become unrestricted free agents)

23. Detroit- Peter Conz C (after Marc Barron which db is worthy of a the number 23 pick. so i think they help there aging offensive line and take the best center in this years draft)

24.Pittsburgh- Fletcher cox DT (he has the versatility to play in a 3-4 and he is the best player available. some people see them taking Hightower here but i don't know how they can pass on Cox)

25. Denver- Coby Fleener TE (Denever helps out Tim Tebow and gives him the best tight end available)

26. Houston- Andre Branch DE/OLB (Houston needs to replace Mario Williams who is expected to be let go)

27. Baltimore trade with New England- Donta Hightower (i predict the ravens to fall in love with this kid and and who better to learn from the ray lewis who is nearing the end of his career)

28. Green Bay- Ben Jones C (Scott Wells their stud center is a free agent. Green Bay is close to the salary cap so it may not be able to re-sign Wells if he receives a huge contract elsewhere)

29. New England- Whitney Mercilus DE (the Patriots get the pass rusher they so desperately want which is why i find it how so many people are mocking Brockers who has very questionable pass rushing ability to the pats)

30. San Fransisco- Cordy Glenn OG (you can never have enough good o lineman and the 49ers get the second best guard in the draft)

31. Jacksonville trade with New England- Mike Adams OT ( lol if your mock doesn't have new England trading out of the first round its probably wrong. but seriously i think Jacksonville will pursue wr in free agency and try to get a stud RT to protect Blaine Gabbert)

32. Giants- Zack Brown OLB (The giants need to address the Linebacker position. when you think of the Giants front 7 you think fast strong and athletic. sounds like Zack Brown to me)

33. Rams - who do you think the Rams should pick?

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