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Thursday, Thursday... It's over the hump day at many a tavern. Here at TST, it's just another day to wonder what the future holds in its greedy mitts for the St. Louis Rams and their fans. While we all consume data gathered at the NFL Combine to glean which of the young, thundering hoards of college athletes will hear their names called on NFL Draft Day; there is a bit of news out there you may find interesting.

The Green Bay Packers may franchise tag back-up quarterback Matt Flynn?

While this could be seen as a shrewd move by some, I can't help but think it may drive Flynn's value down? A high compensatory pick by a team wanting Flynn's services may be driven away. The Packers will have to eat the quarterback tag salary ($14 million) if Flynn can't find a new home. Is he worth 4 times what a team would have to pay RGIII if they used their first round pick in a trade to take him, instead of outright handing it over to Green Bay?

Speaking of Franchise Tags...

National Football Post has a great little "Tag" primer if you'd like to know a bit more about how the whole thing works. If you understand it, could you explain it to me? I'd really like to know what "buyback bonus" is?

The Cowboys will be in the CB market in a big way...

Now that Stanford Routt has found a home in Kansas City, should the Rams add Brandon Carr to our free agent corner back wish list?

2012 NFL Free Agent Defensive Tackle Rankings - CBS Sports.com

There WILL be a few new faces filling DT roster spots for the Rams in 2012. Fred Robbins just isn't up to the task and the rest of the DL interior is suspect at best. Will Jeff Fisher used some of his limited Salary CAP space to answer the problem, or will he hope a late round gem can be found in the 2012 NFL Draft?

NFL scouts have differing opinions - Bob McGinn - Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinal

This is a great article containing different NFL scouts opinions on the same player. The opinions on Justin Blackmon and Matt Kalil are at both ends of the spectrum. I know opinions differ, but DAMN!

Hines Ward out in Pittsburgh

One of the all time great Steelers receivers is shown the door prior to the March 13th opening of the league year.

The 2012 Hall of Fame Game

The Rams and Bears were supposed to play, but didn't because of the NFL Lockout. In 2012, it will feature the Arizona Cardinals and the New Orleans Saints.

So you like Mock Drafts?

Courtesy of NFL.com, you'll be able to read not 1, not 2...not even 3 - BUT 4 Mock Drafts on one page.


That's it for today. Go Rams!!

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