well, you didnt ask for it (updated)

but, for my first fanpost i will present you with my 2012 Rams mock draft.

off season signings:wr-lloyd, cb-finnegan, dt-bryant

rams current draft picks 6: 1.2, 2.1, 3.2, 4.1, 6.1, 7.2

1.1 - luck

1.2 - trade to browns for 1.4, 1.22, 4.5 for 2012 as well as 2013 picks maybe 2, 3, 5 or something. leaving the browns with 6 picks to go along with rg3 in this draft (updated picks 8: 1.4, 1.22, 2.1, 3.2, 4.1, 4.5, 6.1, 7.2)

1.3 - kalil

1.4 - trade again. this time to the bengals. the bengals want the elite RB to pair with their WR and young star QB and want trent richardson bad. he wont fall to 17th and they have 9 total picks in this draft as well. bengals give the rams 1.17, 2.21, 5.21 as well as next years 2 and 5. (updated picks 10: 1.17, 1.22, 2.1, 2.21, 3.2, 4.1, 4.5, 5.21, 6.1, 7.2)

now with 10 picks in the 2012 draft and 5 extra picks for 2013, the rams stop trading and just draft.

1.17 - David DeCastro G, Stanford - might be the best lineman in the draft, but because he is not a OT he ends up in the middle of the 1st round.

1.22 - Mike Adams T, Ohio State - i think his stock will rise, but right now he projects anywhere between mid 1st to early 2nd. he could play LT or the rams may stick him at RT and let Saffold stay at LT. this solidifies the rams line for years to come.

2.1 - Zach Brown OLB, UNC - fast lb to play the outside that is good in coverage. a bit small at 6'1'' 236 but dude possesses WR speed practically with a 4.48 40. he will cover a lot of ground and im sure will add size in the NFL

2.21 - Fletcher Cox DT, Mississippi St - yes the rams signed a FA DT but the current rostered DT are both very old and slipping. this move solidifies the front 4 and gives them plenty of options for rotating players. 6'4'' 295. his size wont hurt as much playing along side Red Bryant who weighs in at 325.

3.2 - Chase Minniefield CB/KR, Virginia - rams fill a huge need here with someone who has explosiveness on kick returns. plus he adds CB depth as a nickel/dime back for his first couple years.

4.1a - Dwight Jones WR, UNC - here is your big target with plenty of raw talent. 6'3'' 220 will run about a 4.5 40. deep threat and someone who the rams wont have to lean on immediately with lloyd and amendola playing.

4.1b - Brian Quick WR, Appalachian St - this might be a stretch. Quick should be gone sooner, i think 3rd round probably. but ive seen him projected very late as well. at 6'4'' 222 he will be a mess for db's to handle, especially if it means he or Jones end up in the slot. (see Victor Cruz, NYG)

4.5 - Keenan Robinson OLB, Texas - 6'3'' 240 and runs a 4.68 40. a leader on his team at Texas, no character issues or questions of work ethic. a tenacious defender who stays with plays until they are over. wont match up well with quicker WR but can defend the pass when up against bigger slower WR and TE. he will be most visible on running plays, an area the rams need help at.

5.21 - David Molk C, Michigan - yeah, i know, back to the OLine. but we all know that the rams will be in need of a center. the big 10 produces some great lineman. Molk is undersized right now (288), but I dont project him as an immediate starter. Molk was the Rimmington award winner for 2011, given to the best center in college.

6.1 - Brandon Bolden RB, Ole Miss - 5'11'' 230 he has good size and strength. recognizes the blitz and has good hands. he will be a nice replacement if Jackson goes down. and he spent time on special teams as a gunner. this could be the steal of the draft.

7.2 - Darron Thomas QB(WR), Oregon - 6'3'' 215 athletic QB who can make things happen with his feet. doesnt have a lot of experience playing QB and zero in an NFL style offense. Thomas would be one of the fastest QBs in the league and may be able to play at WR if QB doesnt work out for him. in the 7th round there isnt a whole lot of solid players you can pick up, i think the rams go with someone with a high ceiling of potential here. I also wouldnt be suprised to see them go FB or Safety with the last pick. but there will be plenty of FB talent in the UDFA pool to choose from. regardless they most likely arent drafting a starter here anyway.

so thats my rams off season. filling current holes, adding depth at important spots, getting a kick returner, creating one hell of a defense and hopefully an offense that can move the chains a bit better this year. and also adding 4-5 picks for the following year as they steal a chapter from the Patriots here and learn how to draft well and stock pile draft picks.


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