Ranking the Top 3 Needs and Ranking the Prospects

Every week I'll be updating the top needs of the rams and picking three possible players drafted at that position. I will also rank the talent of the player on a scale from 1-100 as well as making a guess of which round he will possibly be drafted.

1. Offensive Line- The reason O line is the #1 need is because Bradford needs protection and needs it now.

A. Matt Kalil- 90- Kalil is a stud tackle and the best available by a large margin. He could very well be the Rams first round pick. He is ranked at 90 because drafting O- linemen high can be a risk -1st Round top 5

B. Riley Reiff- 87- If we trade down and Blackmon and Kalil are off the board Reiff could be a good pick. He is the 2nd best OT available. Round 1 Top 15.

C. Mike Adams- 83- Adams is also a really good tackle as well as a hard player if we can bick him up with our second pick of the draft he could really pay off. - 1st-2nd Round

Other Possible Picks: Cody Glenn, Zebrie Sanders

2. Wide Receiver- Sam Bradford needs targets and good ones. There is no scoring threat at WR. This position is a must as well.

A. Justin Blackmon- 93- Blackmon is an amazing playmaker. He has pretty good speed and is crazy athletic. His college stats are amazing and he has been compared to Calvin Johnson. Just for a second think about what the Rams could be like with Calvin Johnson. The fans want a playmaker so give us Blackmon.- 1st Round Top 5

B. Alshon Jeffrey- 87- Jeffrey is almost as good as Blackmon. He is not too fast and can't get jump balls. I hope if the Rams do trade down, Jeffrey would be available if Blackmon is gone. Jeffrey would also be an explosive playmaker.- 1st Round Top 20

C. MIchael Floyd- 85- I hope Floyd drops to the 2nd round just so the Rams can get him. Floyd is Very tall and as arguably the best hands in the draft. He is physical and can get jump balls. 1st-2nd Round

Other possible draft picks: Kendall Wright, Mohamed Sanu, Dwight Jones

3. Running Back- When are we finally going to get a replacement for Steven Jackson. Hopefully we get a good playmaker.

A. Trent Richardson- 94- Richardson has all of the elements of a great running back. He has speed, agility, power, and strength. He can cut and spin past anyone and is definitely a future NFL star. If the rams want him they'll have to take him early. 1st Round Top 10

B. Lamar Miller- 79- Miller is probably a realistic pick. He has a ton of potential and can learn behind Jackson. It would probably take a 2nd round pick to get him. 2nd Round

C. LaMichael James- 75-83- James isn't a typical NFL RB. He has speed but not height. He is a great playmaker though. This is a guy who at any point bust a run for a huge gain. I see him as a Darren Sproles. 2nd-3rd Round

Other Possible Picks: Chris Polk, Damien Wilson, Cyrus Gray

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