Rams in Real Life.

I would like to start off by saying I am a senior in college and still have terrible grammer, I know there will be at least one nerd to correct some shit. with that being said....

I think the Rams will turn the season around this next year. Fisher is bringing in Veteran coaches that know how to win and know how to develop defeated players into winners, and lets be honest the Rams have a roster littered with players who are not the greates but have the ability to be goo with the right coach in their corner. From Position to Position to Position.

QB: Sam is fine, he broke Peytons rookie completion record and will develpoe into a better QB than Ryan, Flacco or Sanchez. He just needs more time in ONE system! he is suffering from the Alex Smith syndrome already on his 3rd OC. We need a couple weapons and some protection.

RB: I think we need some help here. SJ39 has a couple years left before he starts to slow down, if you look at recent history of RBs that run like he does. I am firm believer that Rbs are a dime a dozen and we can win with a sub par back but some notable free agents that stick out in my mind are. Ryan Grant: Grant was a 1,200 yrd rusher and he still has plenty of gas left in the tank. He runs hard and can catch the ball out of the back field. I honestly think he is the best mid to lower end free agent rb in '12. Michael Bush will be back in Oakland but he is my number 2. Derrick Ward jumps out at me, I really think he is a solid back up and has a quicker burst than SJ39. This would be just like the 1-2 punch in NY 3 years ago with Greene and Jones. I also like Choice, but maybe because I think he hasn't really been goven a legit chance to play in this league yet. I do see us maybe trading the #2 pick and if that is with Washington then maybe we could get Torrain, Hightower or Helu. I think if we got one of those in a deal they could all be reliable back ups. The draft is filled with Talent but year after year it is so drafting a rb would be good but we have other needs.

FB: Just a tough SOB!

WR: This is the most talked about position because they score points. First off just think about what I say. I have said since we got DX he will be a solid number 2 receiver if he is healthy. He shows flashes of the talent he has and this year he will prove he belongs in STL. Lloyd will maybe go to NE but I also can see him not wanting to chase Mchoodyjr all over the league. waht I say following this relies heavily on Lloyd staying, I hope he comes back but if not then we have to address the need. Vincent Jackson is a stud but he might cost to much money and I don't like how he gives up on plays sometimes. But hey, if we snagged him up I wouldn't mind one bit! But we don't need to invest a ton of money in a Vet. WR. Chaz Shilens from OAK and Pierre Garcon are both great players as well. Shilens is a great player when healthy but has never had a QB throw to him, he is a steal if we can get him for cheap. Now Garcon is a diff. Story, I see him as a low grade number 1 receiver but a high grade number 2 receiver. I would love to see him in a rams uniform but I think Indy will like him to stick around. The Draft is key here, I wish we could get Blackmon but for some reason I don't like taking a WR at number 2 like that, but if we trade down and we can somehow get him and address a need at tackle then that would be awesome. But as for now I;m going to go ahead and say we go OL in the first. Amendola, Salas and Pettis will all be just fine working out of the slot. But wait.... There's more. I think one of the biggest acquisitions we have to look at is a guy named Braylon Edwards (hear me out). Edwards had some of his best years in NY but got pushed out by a shaky offense trying to not blame things on QB play and save it with a 6'5" vet Wr fresh out of prison. Edwards knows the system and will pick it up again quick as well as be help for Sam. I think we need his in your face gametime play as well. I know he failed to produce in San Fran but lets be honest, has any WR since T.O or Rice been good there? Crabtree is not doing much and neither has any other WR. It has to be something else. I think it is worth grabbing him up especially if he is cheap, which he should be under 1m for a year.

TE: Kendricks shined in the pre season but made me sick to my stomach in the regular season. He showed play making ability, so I think we let him play it out this year. Also the TE is a Key part of that system, so I see big things for him. A guy I would like to see the rams snag up would be Visanthe Shianco. I think he owuld be a key part of the passing game and help Kendricks develop. Other than that I think we should be fine at TE when Hoomiwimamnani gets healthy. Chase Coffman, the Macky winner out of MIzzou a few years ago is such a steal if we could get him and work him out of the slot. look at his highlights and tell me his isnt this generation TE in the NFL.

OL: Well if we get one of the top lineman in the draft we will need to cut a few of ours. I hope it works out where we can have some pay cuts and move some people around. We just hired a great OL coach so I feel this group will improve. FA OL cost a ton for the team and guys like NIcks or Meyers will get paid wherever they go. I see us addressing this in the draft.

DL: WE have two of our ends dialed in with Long and Quinn. Obviously we need some depth though.DT I think we either have Robbins take a pay cut or get rid of him. I'm so unsure about Gibson so I don't know. We also landed a very highly regarded DL coach from OAK so he could give some hope back to those guys. I would love to see Jones come over from Tennesee and I honestly think he will be one of the only players to come from one of our new coaches old teams. He will switch back to DT and get after the qb. We have got to address this need but in the William scheme he sometimes has one DT on the ground and runs his version of a 3-4/nickle front. I hope we can grab another 2nd round pick and get a rookie to step in. NO has a couplentable FA one being Rogers and he would be huge in the middle but we will see how that plays out.. I know NO has a few other things to address in the off season (brees, Nicks, Colston).

LB: JL55 can stick it out in the middle and continue to make tackles 5 yrds down the field. He will be so much better when we get him help up front. WE have got to get a OLB in this draft! I like Brown out of NC, he can flat out fly and will make plays. I also like Burficet out of AZst. We need a player like that on Defense that will put fear in other players just by geting in there heads. He is suppose to have character issues but Williams specializes in that. Nigel Bradham will be a player at teh next level as well. Lavonte David is an undersized LB but I see him being a special role player in a Williams Defense. Williams like to have guys do things they are good at, and the fater you are the more fun he will have. JL55 will be our tackling machine while our other guys fly around and string things out. I don't want to get into FA and mess things up, I think Poppinga can be a decent vet. OLB and thats what we need. We need one Vet. to step up and take over that unit, JL55 could be that guy but we need someone to push the pace.

CB: Bartel will be healthy and and be a great leader for the rams secondary next season. Fletcher is a solid number 3 corner and strong in the tackling game. He would be a decent number 2 but we still need help. Gordy and King are continuing to grow and will make huge strides because the new coaches will put them in positions to make plays. WE will flat get after the QB next season so these guys will be able to hold there own. I would love to see Finnegan come over and I think it could happen, but he might be to pricey. I love how he plays and that's what will put butts in the seats as well as win games. If I were in charge of the draft I would draft Claiborn and solidify my CB position for years to come, if we would trade the pick to 4 or 6 and he is still there. Williams has an eye for talent and I know he will get someone in the draft or FA to step up. If we don't draft the Honey badger next year I will be upset. He is the change we need on Defense, a play maker with an attitude.

SS/FS: Cut BUTLER and release DAHL! Find some FA to come in and play r use the rookies we drafted last year as back ups. Mikell and Stewart are great Safeties in a Williams Defense. Stewart plays the run very good and is decent in coverage. I know Williams like his FS to play all over the field and I think this is what Mikell has been waiting for his whole career. The Safety position is thin in the draft although there are some corners that could play safety at the next level. This is the position I think we are fine at but if I were to say anything it would be to grab Tom Zibikowski up as fast as I could and have him play for my team! he plays the run very well and is a gamer. He will make plays for your team. I think this kids best football is ahead of him and he will be a standout player.

Give me some feedback and if I like it I will post the best Mock draft ever! A real on and not one that just has the Rams getting exactly who we want.

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