Multiple trade Mock draft?

TSTers I love the NFL draft, I think being a Rams fan the past few years its been the draft that gives us hope. Maybe this year is the year we find a Jared Allen in the 6th round or maybe a Marquis Colston in the seventh. I have an interesting take on this draft because I feel as if it has been a long time since a team has had the power to effect a draft with trades like this Rams team. I am happy to have Jeff Fisher in charge of this team, I think he will be able to identify talented players and draft them. So here is what I would do if I was the Rams GM and had the power to wheel and deal.

Round 1 pick 2: Trade, I think Cleveland will come to their senses and realize they cannot compete in the AFC North with a QB like Colt McCoy. Pittsburgh has Big Ben, Baltimore has Flacco, and now Cincinnati has Dalton. Cleveland already has a franchise tackle and a solid o-line, shockingly enough they also have one of the better defenses in the league. So for them making sure a team like the Redskins is unable to move up to get RG3 they give us a call. so here is what the Rams get- Round 1 pick 4, Round 1 pick 22, round 2 pick 37 round 3 pick 68. I don't think it is too much, RG3 is a special player. Imagine game planning against a deadly accurate Mike Vick. so here are the picks.

R1-Pick 4: I am assuming Kalil is off the board, so I think Riley Reiff is the pick, gatta protect Sam. I think we let Loyyd walk (btw we will receive a solid compensatory pick for Loyyd) and sign Braylon Edwards to teach pick 22 and our other WR the offense. He is a cheaper option that we can use $$ on a DT or CB.

R1-Pick 22: Kendall Wright, I know this is a new direction but I love Wrights route running and his speed.

pick 33: Trade!! shocking right but giving the Rams an extra round one pick it allows them to move a little with the first pick in round 2, which is always a sought after pick. They trade with the Jags so they can get Sanu to help out Gabbert. This gives the Rams an extra 2nd round pick next year and a 3rd and 5th this year. so now we have round 2 pick 37 and 38. round 3 pick 66, 68,72.

R-2 pick 37(from browns): Lavonte David, OLB oh how bad we need OLBs.

R-2 pick 38 (from Jags): Dantari Poe, DT, HUGE MAN, huge run stuffing potential.

R-3 Pick 66: Bobby Wagner, OLB More linebackers to help out JL

R-3 pick 68 (from browns), Kevin Zeitler, G Solid Wisconsin O-linemen, Cant really go wrong with big 10 linemen

R-3 pick 72(from Jags) ,Marvin Jones, WR at 6'3 he could be the tall WR that has knees that work!, plus we can let him develop a lil with the addition of Edwards and Wright

R-4pick 97, .Iseah Pead, RB/KR man do we need explosion on offense and more importantly the return game!

R-5 pick 136 (from Jags), Omar Bolden CB, A head scratcher to take an injury prone CB but if he can stay healthy has first round talent.

R-6 pick 163, Marc Tyler, RB at 5-11 230 he is big and can be SJ39's back up, and be around for a few years as the 3rd RB.

R-7 pick 192, Blair Walsh, K, 7th round pick the best kicker in the country to replace Brown, he misses way to many field goals.

So lets recap, I think the Rams will sign 1 big name FA and it will not be a WR I think it will either be Finnegan at CB or Concentrate most of there resources on signing the mountain of draft picks they just acquired and go from there.

so in this scenario we get: 2 WR, ! LT, 2 OLB, 1 G, 1 CB, 1 DT , 2 RB, 1 K

We will also have 2nd round picks next year, which is nice.

I think we let Loyyd walk btw we will receive a solid compensatory pick for Loyyd maybe a 4th? We sign Braylon Edwards to teach Wright and Jones the offense. He is a cheaper option that we can use the $$ on a DT or CB.

My WR depth chart btw- Edwards, Wright, Amendola, Jones, Salas, Pettis. Inexperienced but Edwards and Amendola give Sam some solid players to throw to, I also think Kendricks will be solid next year and give illini mike another chance, to buy Wright, Jones and Pettis time to develop. Salas will back up Amendola.

I guess this is another best case scenario type of draft but How do you feel about the picks??

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