Why We Must Draft Blackmon

If I may say, this whole debate over Blackmon vs Kalil is starting to sounds like the 2012 version of Sam vs Suh. Both have major upside and both can help out the Rams team immensely. In this scenario Blackmon would be Sam because his the "pretty pick" that will get fan in the dome and he'll (like Sam) install some pride and hope in the hearts of the fans. Kalil on the other hand is the BPA (like Suh was). Sure he's the unappealing pick for the Rams but he'll get the job done and he'll keep Sam off his back. I think honestly we should pick up Blackmon whether it's at the 2,4 or 6 spot and I want to dispel some myths that come with a #1 Wide Receiver.



The key reason that most have used against Blackmon is that he doesn't compare to Green as well as Jones but I do not figure that matters now that there abides a salary cap.The salary cap that has been put in place give teams unprecedented power to pick who they want without the fear of overpay for said draft pick, take Christian Ponder for example. Ponder was an early second round to middle of the second round pick to most but they chose Ponder in the middle of the first round. Sure, Quarterbacks are more valuable in the league than are Wide receivers however I rationalize this speaks volumes about how the league is going to change with the safety net of the salary cap. Also I would like to say IMO comparisons don't/shouldn't matter as much as they should. Sure, I would love for Blackmon to average 1000 yards etc but #1s come in all shapes in sizes. I would call his pick at the two a success if he does everything that the coaching staff asks of him and gives it a hundred percent every time he steps on the field.

One question that I will ask all the Kalil believers, name me one edge rusher that Kalil has faced and dominated who has a high draft pick potential. Additionally do not bring to me that he replaced Smith when Smith is a RT for the Cowboys. Am I doubting Kalil's ability, no but what I doubt is his competition. If I am not mistaken (correct me if I am wrong) but the best edge pass rusher in the Pac 12 is on USC! Furthermore if I remember right Blackmon not only played decent Dbs in the big 12 but torched a first round Amukamaru, that alone gives Blackmon more held water than does Kalil. So I ask name me one edge rusher that Kalil faced that is worth mentioning. Why are people already trying to call this dude elite and jumping on his bandwagon? Comparing him to the likes of Long when the same people try to down Blackmon by comparing him to Crabtree? When Blackmon has a much better work ethic than Crabtree ever had! So this goes back to my comparisons argument, stop with the comparisons. Each player is not like the last and you cannot just say they will fail just because a previous one did. All we can do is what till they step onto the field. Do not downgrade Blackmon just because the same can be done with Kalil.

One myth that I have heard on here is that Blackmon cannot help Sam like Kalil can but that is not true. The problem that I find with this Offensive Line is the defenses that we face do not respect our passing game, in essence they figure they can just single cover our Wide Receivers (that are not named Lloyd) and stack the box with 8. This method worked the whole season because none of our other receivers could get separation and when they did they could not bring the ball in. My premise is by getting Blackmon this will back the defense off the line thereby giving Sam more time in the pocket to orchestrate this offense. Some might question this by saying " why was not Lloyd able to do this?" and that is easy. Lloyd did improve our offense dramatically his first couple of weeks here, backing the defense off the line. However soon they figured that if they double covered Lloyd they could still single cover whoever was one the other side, still not respecting whoever it was at the #2 and they succeeded. Sure we could get someone in FA but I am honestly tired of this Front Office trying to fix this Wide Receivers corps through FA. They get these Wide Receivers that are supposed to help but they do. not In turn these players that they bring are gone in a couple of years and Sam cannot keep the chemistry that he had with them. I want longevity at the position and let Sam get chemistry with Sam. This will not happen if we continually try to fix the position through FA.

Another reason why I believe that the Rams should seriously consider Blackmon at the 2 is because of the offense that we are going to be running next season. From RAMphetamine on this offense:

"There are a few pieces that will need to be added before anyone can try to predict the early features of the Rams Schottenheimer-led Air Coryell. The St. Louis Rams will need wide receivers with size and/or speed on the outside; polished route runners with a knack for making adjustments on the ball. The system basically doesn’t work without talented receivers. With the sidelines covered, that leaves the middle of the field, where danger and fear collide. This is where the quarterback’s safety nets reside - his clutch slot receiver and an able-bodied tight end. Pair these pass catchers with a workhorse like Steven Jackson in the backfield and you’ll get what I believe to be is an early look at the Rams’ new aerial game plan."

Here's the link if you want to read more about the offense:

This offense DOES NOT work without good Wide Receivers and whether Blackmon is catching the ball or taking attention away from someone else, he will be making a difference on the field. Another system that the Air Coryell is sometimes compared to is the West Coast which our line did fairly good in. I conclude if we acquire Mike Adams in to play RT and I think Saffold could be a decent LT we will be fine in this offense.

Then this bring me to the uncertainty of FA and this teams uncertainty of Lloyd coming back. We face an off-season where our top Wide Receivers (Lloyd) could be gone which leaves us with Gibson, Amendola, Salas, DX, Pettis, and Salas. I know FA is before the Draft so lets look at some of the big names in FA:






Looking at those names, I don't think one of those would pick the Rams to play with just right off the top of their heads. Then add in the money that we'd have to throw at them just to consider and there goes most of the salary cap that we have this off season (10Mil). I would much rather us get Nicks, who is a lot more realistic considering our links with the Saints and they are most likely going to let him go. Then resign Lloyd and get Blackmon in the draft.

My last reason for wanting Blackmon over Kalil is the fact that before the draft gets here the gap between the Offensive Linemen in this draft will get closer in time. Some even think Martin is a better prospect than Kalil is and the gap between them will only get closer. Then you also have Reiff and Adams that are great prospects. Furthermore toss into the fact that teams are winning with mediocre Offensive Lines. There are many factors that can make a Offensive Line better which are a QB that can maneuver in the pocket, Wide Receivers that can get separation a CATCH, and a Rb that can block (which we have).

So there's my basis to why I think we should pick Blackmon in the upcoming draft, what do you think?

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