WR Situation: 2012 Edition

As most of us know, the Rams offense was beyond horrible last season. Almost as bad as the 09 Rams. This horribleness was caused by multiple factors. Those including: injuries, bad playcalling, terrible o-line play, and to an extent bad QB play. However, arguably the biggest contributing factor was the painfully mediocre to awful play of most of the team's wideouts this season. Some of these guys, were MUCH worse than others.

1. Brandon Lloyd

Brandon Lloyd was a midseason acquisition by the Rams with immediate results. His production slightly tailed off towards the end of the season, but he still did enough to lead the Rams in all receiving statistics. IMO, Lloyd is the type of guy who will give you consistently good play but, he isn't very big, is not very much of a big-play threat, and is 30 years old. If resigned, he will more than likely put up even better numers next season.

Chance of making 53-man roster: 7/10

2. Danny Amendola

Danny was one of those players affected by injuries. If I remember correctly, I think he had one catch before he got hurt. His presence was badly missed. With no quick sure-handed receivers aside from him early in the season, the offense quickly spiraled out of control. 3rd and 5+ was near impossible for us. His type of play was shown by another receiver later in the season but I'll get to him later.

Chance of making 53-man roster: 6/10

3. Brandon Gibson

Gibson is a strange guy. Sometimes he shows flashes of brilliance (TD against Ravens this season), but mist of the time he's nowhere to be found or stopping his route just short of the first down marker. Also, alot of his catches were in garbage time of most games. If we had room, I think he would stay but, we don't.

Chance of making 53-man roster: 4/10

4. Danario Alexander

Danario is another strange one. Sometimes he makes huge mistakes (Dropped pass against Seattle in WK 17 of 2010 and falling which led to an INT against Ravens) and sometimes he makes beautiful catches (almost all his catches). Some point out that his catch percentage was very low. This was due to almost always being thrown to when not open. If I'm not mistaken, I only saw him drop two legitimately catchable balls. And his knee wasn't a problem at all this season. This, along with him being the only WR we have that can win the jump ball and beat players deep, should keep him here through next season.

Chance of making 53-man roster: 6/10

5. Greg Salas

Whrn I mentioned Danny might be replaced by someone, this is who I was talking about. Greg improved his hands, is a tough runner, and is quick enough to get a good amount of YAC. He started his rookie campaign slow but before his injury he was looking like a centerpiece to the offense,

Chance of making 53-man roster: 8/10

6. Austin Pettis

I don't understand Pettis. He had about three examples of extremely good hands, but then it came out he was using PED's. Even still, he was bad throughout the majority of the season. So as of right now the jury is still out on Pettis.

Chance of making 53-man roster: 5/10

7. Domonique Curry

Was nothing but a ST contributor. I think I saw him play a total of 2 offensive snaps. ST contributors are easy to find.

Chance of making 53-man roster: 2/10

Nick Miller

Had the return TD against Arizona. Aside from that didn't really do much.

Chance of making 53-man roster: 3/10

Mark Clayton

I really like Mark. He's a great person and has a lot of work ethic. However, I think the injury is gonna boot him out of a spot. He has decent hands, runs good routes, and is experienced. If we had room I'd love to keep Clayton.

Chance of making 53-man roster: 5/10

Possible Free Agent Targets:

Reggie Wayne 3/10

Wes Welker 1/10

Vincent Jackson 6/10

Desean Jackson 6/10

Dwayne Bowe 7/10

Marques Colston 5/10

Stevie Johnson 5/10

Brandon Lloyd 7/10

Robert Meachem 7/10

Mario Manningham 4/10

Mike Wallace 1/10

Potential Draft Tragets

Round 1: Justin Blackmon, Alshon Jeffery, Kendall Wright, Michael Floyd

Round 2: Mohamed Sanu, Rueben Randle, Dwight Jones

Round 3: Marvin Mcnutt, Tommy Streeter, T.Y. Hilton

Predicted Depth Chart in 2012

WR1: Brandon Lloyd OR FA

WR2: Draft Pick OR FA

Slot: Greg Salas and Danny Amendola

The Rest: Danario Alexander, Austin Pettis, Mark Clayton?

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