Mock Draft With 2 Trades and a Different Kind of Twist

Heres a mock draft that is a little different:

Trade #1- Cleveland Browns end up winning the bid for Robert Griffin III, but it cost them a lot. They give up their two first round picks (4,22), their 2nd round pick (37), their 4th round pick (100) and their first round pick for next year.

Round 1 pick #4- WR Justin Blackmon OK State - Blackmon will end up being a huge threat and I'm guessing Kalil will be off the board. If the Rams resign Lloyd or sign another big time WR free agent then we would have to big threats down field. Sam Bradford will be pleased.

Trade #2- Since the Redskins are out of the competition for RG3, they decide to trade down. The Rams want to pick up some more top talent. We give up our other 1st round pick (22), next years first round pick, our 4th round pick from the browns (100), and our third round pick (66). It's the best they can do and we get a steal.

Round 1 pick #6- RB Trent Richardson ALA- We get our new RB of the future. He is a top tier running back and will be a perfect replacement for Steven Jackson. He is a hard runner with a lot of skill.

Round 2 pick #33- OLB Zach Brown NC- Zach Brown is the best OLB in the draft and will fill a huge void in the Rams defense. He could and probably will be a starter right away.

Round 2 pick #37- OT Mike Adams OSU- I can definitely see Adams falling out of the first round and if he does the Rams will pounce all over him. He's the 4th or 5th best OT in the draft and he would be able to strengthen a weak offensive line. Roger Saffold is a perfect example of good offensive linemen being picked in the second round. Lets hope that happens again

Round 4 pick #96- DT DaJohn Harris USC- A young new face to go on the defensive line. Hopefully with some training and time he can become a player that is able to healthfully contribute to the Rams season.

Round 6 pick #160- OG Brandon Brooks Miami (Ohio)- Another young offensive linemen. Lets see if anything happens with him. These late round picks are basically shots in the dark.

Round 7 pick #192 -K Randy Bullock Tex A&M- Someone to replace Josh Brown. This guy has a big leg.

Please tell me what you think.

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