Okay, in this mock, We have about 19 million cap room. We cut Jason Smith, and Jason Brown.......I don't know how much cap room we would have, so i guess i wont put any extra money.....This is realistic, none of that Free Agency Frenzy poop. We don't have much cap room. Here are my Free Agent Additions! :D\

FREE AGENTS (these are FA and people we resig

Vincent Jackson - Thats about 5-6 Million in cap room. He is a tall receiver that we could use in the redone.

Visanthe Shiancoe - Great Tight End, a veteran that Lance and Mike could learn from while he does the dirty work for now.

Robert Turner - Great OG from the NYJ, has connections of course with Schotty, started 2010, don't know what happened this season. He would be more for depth, as we could probably find an OG in the draft. Plus we just signed a OG from the Canadian League.

Shaun Rogers - Another connection! He worked with Gregg Williams this past season, would be a great veteran presence for the rookie thats coming in. Huge upside. Seems like an Albert Haynesworth 2.0, if we can get him to work, he might have another special year like with the Lions in 2007.

Patrick Bailey - Depth at LB, or special teams

Chris Chamberlin-Resign

Adam Goldberg- Resign

Tony Wragge- Resign

Darian Stewart- Resign

Danny Amendola- Resign

This leaves us with about 7 million for the draft! If you want to see the Draft, see after the jump!SPOILER ALERT (TRADE WILL HAPPEN)

We will trade our 1st round #2 pick AND Brandon Gibson FOR 1st #4, 1st #22, 2nd #4, 4 #22 and 5 #22

1.4 Justin Blackmon WR OSU - That target we haven't had in years.

1.22 Jonathan Martin OT Stanford - blindside protection for Sammy

2.1 Zach Brown OLB UNC - Animal Jrs partner in crime.

2.4 Dontarie Poe DT Memphis - Big dude that will help run stop immediately.

3.2 Trumaine Johnson CB Montana - Great size, great fit

4.1 T.Y. Hilton WR FIU - This kid is explosive, and we need a better Kick Off Returner and Punt Returner... He's a threat to take it to the house every play. Helps the Offense too.

4.22 Will BlackWell OG LSU - Great Run Blocker in the trenches, will have to wait to become a starter, needs to improve Pass Blocking.

5.22 Bobby Wagner OLB Utah State - Him and Chris Chamberlin will fight for that starting job.

6.1 Cody Johnson FB Texas (SUCKS) - Great lead blocker, and good in short yardage situations, preparing for days without SJAX

7.2 Ben Bojicic OC Bowling Green - Great Mobility, Injury issues, would be good for him to sit out. Learn from the coaches and experienced players.

Hoped you liked it! :D.....

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