Rams in Real Life!

Trade with Redskins for their 1st 2nd 3rd as well as their 2013 1st and 2nd

FAs We sign jason Jones, Braylen Edwards ( dont get your panties in a bunch, he still has some juice and knows the system.), Ryan Grant, Vishanthe Shianco and RANDY MOSS. Lloyd is gone. Jason Smith stays and the new coaches make our OL the way it should be. Mchoodyjr ruined our offense and we should blame him for the season last year, he is trash without Mchoodysr in NE.

Round 1 #6 Morris Claiborn, I do not see the bucs getting him, becaue I believe blackmon will still be on the bard for them and they will grab him. Richardson will replace Hillis in Cleveland. We need a Corner to help the pass rush and coverage.

Round 2 . Zach Brown- I sure do hope everyone is right and sees him dropping to the 2nd round. I would love to see him drop but I have a strong feeling the Eagles may reach for him. If Not and he is on the board in the 2nd we need him!

2nd Kendel Wright- I have a feeling he will drop late into the draft. He is no different than any big 12 receiver in the past now. High productivity in college but didnt test out well. I think teams pass and take Ruben Randle and Stephen Hill before him now. Although he is much faster than he tested so we get a solid player here.

3- jerel Worthy, he will hopefully drop to the 3rd because of all the DEs testing out so well people will reach for them. If he isnt here we take David Wilson, The rbs are being set on teh back urner according to everything I hear and read.

2nd pick in 3rd- Nigel Bradham OLB FL. State. He can move very well. This is the kind of player Williams will turn into a pro bowler.

4th. Trumain Johnson- Very big and Physical safety that I could see being switched to FS in the next couple years after Mikell is done. Hits hard and can cover the field well.

No 5th :(

6th Jeff Fuller- This is a very good pick at this point. Fuller is a big physical receiver that can go up and get the ball. He had a decline in play his senior year because of injuries and double coverage but he can play!

7th Brandon Taylor SS LSU, we need to cut Dahl and Butler so we will need some more Special team players and back ups.

Of course things are subject to change, Maybe I will do another one soon. I am trying my hardest to be a part of this TST family. Im just a Rams fan that was forced to move to Las Vegas for school and everyone hates the rams out here. YOU GUYS ARE ALL I HAVE!

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