Double 3-rd Mock, first with Browns trade, then with Skins

Alright, so here is my ideal 3 round mock for both situations, with the browns before the jump, and skins after.

Trade with Browns:

#4 - Justin Blackmon: With the bounty of picks, this now makes sense. Check out my other post for my explanation of this. (If Matt Kalil was still here, he'd still be my guy... But I'm almost positive he won't be.)

#22 - David DeCastro: May or may not be here, but I could see him lasting this far. Would completely change our O-Line from day one... Best lineman in this draft.

#33 - Zach Brown: This guy can really help our team, and there's a good chance that he will fall this far. Would really help us on both passing and running plays.

#36 - Kendall Wright: His stock is down right now, so I think he could fall this far. However, with a good pro day he might jump back up into the first round. If we could land him, I think he would be the perfect compliment to Blackmon.

#66 - Best DT Available: This draft is very deep with defensive tackles, so some of the really talented ones will still be on the board here. I have absolutely no clue which ones those are, but I believe that this is the ideal place to strike in this situation.

#68 - LaMichael James: It's appearing as though he will fall this far, but if not, I could see this pick being more of a BPA or BRBA pick. LaMichael will do for us what Darren Sproles does for the Saints I think.

Trade with Skins:

#6 - Justin Blackmon: I believe he'll fall this far. The teams ahead of us all have bigger needs with talented players matching those needs.

#33 - Zach Brown: For the same reasons above... He should be good for us if we can land him.

#38 - Best DT Available: Will be a better player than whatever DT we would pick up in the 3rd.

#66 - Stephen Hill: Another great compliment to Blackmon. Speedster who also has height. Doesn't have to be 100% solid, just dangerous enough to make more space for Blackmon, Amendola (or Salas), and Kendricks.

#70 - Either best interior lineman or speed running back available: These are two big needs that would be good for us to fill here. If there is a really good prospect that falls to here at virtually any position (especially another DT), I wouldn't be opposed to us taking them here either.

Alright, so there it is. Note: This is my first mock ever, so if you think it's terrible, keep that in mind. Much feedback is appreciated.

Edit Note: While most of this is player-specific, I'm more looking at the "what, when and where" to get the most value out of the draft, all based on the assumption that we would take Blackmon with our first pick. Seeing our biggest needs as an O-Lineman, DT, OLB, and speedy secondary WR. We need to fill those needs, and my mock was an attempt to show the best value for each pick as compared to the rest of the talent at each position in the draft.

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