Oh noes, it is happening

I'm starting to come around to joining the Blackmon bandwagon... I still don't think he's anything amazing, but I'll explain why I might be on board.

First of all, I'd like to note that this is only if we take him at #4 or #6 and happen to have either 5 or 6 picks in the first three rounds. Here's why:

Blackmon is going to be an excellent professional receiver from day one. He's not going to blow up sports center with loads of top ten plays, but he's going to be absolutely solid. Solidity is something the Rams have definitely been lacking as of late.

He's a very hard worker, and will strive to absolutely master his craft. I've heard comparisons to Larry Fitzgerald, and I still think it's a stretch, but if he works as hard as I think he will and has the right players around him, I think it could be a possibility. On the show "A Football Life: Kurt Warner" (ah, the glory days), Larry talked about what got him to become the receiver that he is today: The constant striving to be the best at his position. Blackmon definitely has that hunger.

Blackmon's talent is limited, however, because he isn't a do-it-all receiver. Plain and simple, he DOESN'T have the speed to blow the top off of a defense. He doesn't have the size or the vertical like Calvin Johnson for the nearly automatic jump ball touchdown in the end zone. But 1-on-1, he's going to get separation against his man, plain and simple. His route running, size, and strength will get him open against man or zone coverage. However, he will struggle against double coverage, and this is why I believe that either in the first 3 rounds, or in FA, we need to get another receiver.

We have some serious team needs, so I don't think that our first two picks should be receivers. We NEED to get at LEAST a great DT (which the 1st and 2nd round will be full of), and a good OLB (which hopefully Zach Brown will be there early in the 2nd, because I think he's our best option). A good lineman would also be very helpful. So if we were to trade with the Browns, we could acquire maybe DeCastro, or Poe, or Still, or someone of that sort. If that were to happen, we could grab a receiver with either our first or second pick in the 2nd round, picking up Kendall Wright if he falls that far.

If we were to trade with the 'Skins, it wouldn't be wise to get another receiver until the third round; filling other needs earlier. Stephen Hill would be an obvious target here.

But the great thing about our situation, is that with so many picks, we can afford to take a few risks on project players: Especially if we get Blackmon and that project player is a receiver (much like Hill). It DOES need to be a speedster type though: a guy who can do the things that Blackmon just cannot. That way, even if he does struggle at times, he can still do the sort of thing that Torrey Smith did for the Ravens: Take coverage off Anquan Bolden, whom Blackmon compares favorably to.

So, while I thought I would never say this, in a situation like this, I'm no longer completely opposed to drafting Blackmon.

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