Big Trade Rakes in the Picks for this Mock Draft

TRADEEE!!!! The Cleveland Browns win a massive bidding war with Washington for Robert Griffin III. The two teams keep one upping the others offer and the last offer standing is from the Browns. The Redskins fight very, very hard for it but just come up short, but they sure bumped the price up crazy high. Cleveland gives up picks 1.4, 1.22, 2, 3, 5, and 1 next year. We all know this is possible after the skyrocketing stock of RG3.

1.4 WR, Justin Blackmon, OK St. 6’1" 211lbs. - Blackmon will be the playmaker of the future of the Rams. He’s got good size and good speed. He’s best at going up and getting balls as well as creating yards after the catch. He’s going to put up huge numbers for years to come. Even after trading down we still get our man and much more.

1.22 OT, Mike Adams, Ohio St. 6’7" 323lbs. – Adams is coming into an offensive line that really needs help. If Adams is available at this pick I think the Rams take him. He had success at Ohio St. and let’s hope he can have success at the next level. If he can this will be the biggest pick of the draft.

2.33- OLB, Zach Brown, NC 6’2" 225 lbs. – Brown will be a steal if he drops this low. The Rams need an Outside Linebacker and Brown is a good one that can definitely fill the need at that position.

2.37- DT, Dontarie Poe, Memphis 6’5" 350 lbs. – After Poe’s great pro day I don’t know if he’ll drop this low. I hope he does. He’s a monster on the line and can really help the Rams.

3.66- CB, Brandon Boykin, UGA 5’10" 185 lbs. – There is a good chance that Boykin might not be here but with this pick I see the Rams taking a CB. Boykin is a great one and this would be a good pick for the Rams.

3.68- RB, LaMichael James, Oregon 5’9" 180 lbs.- If the Rams draft James he will not be a replacement for Steven Jackson. He will be a playmaker and third down back. He has loads of big play potential and can be a huge threat in the running game.

4.96- OT, Levy Adcock, OK St. 6’6" 330 lbs.- We pick up another offensive linemen for depth and hope that he can become a good player for the future.

5.131- WR, Tommy Streeter, Miami 6’5" 215 lbs. – The rams pick up another WR. This one is bigger, taller and probably faster than Blackmon. He is huge and if he can be trained right can become a top receiver. He’s just a raw player right now.

6.160- OLB, Sammy Brown, 6’3" 240 lbs. – We get another OLB a chance to prove himself and earn a spot on the team to clean up the line backing core.

7.192- K, Randy Bullock, 5’9" 205 lbs.- A new kicker to replace Josh Brown, this ones got a good powerful leg.

Thanks for reading and please tell me what you think and things you would change.

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