Difference Makers: Potential Impact Ram Prospects.

The NFL Draft is perhaps the best way to improve a team in the short term. With countless prospects putting

their skills to the test during the numerous and sometimes monotonous pre-draft activities; the prospects hope to

catch the eye of an organization for the opportunity to become what he has worked so hard for: To become a player

in The National Football League. After The Jump, I will list prospects that can be "Difference Makers" for The

Rams. I call this group ""The Magnificent Seven." If they are all selected by The Rams; that name will be put to the

test. A test they will pass convincingly.

1. Justin Blackmon:

A WR with the skills to gain separation and create openings that the offense can exploit. An unselfish teammate that is willing to do the dirty work blocking for his teammates downfield.

2. Doug Martin:

An all-purpose back that can catch passes out of the backfield, line up as a WR in the slot or out wide, blitz pick up along with regular pass protection, Martin can also return kicks. A short powerfully built kid: 5'9 230 who can break tackles.

3.Marvin Jones:

Smooth route runner with large sure hands. His body control is top notch.

4. Phillip Blake:

Impressive Center for The Baylor Bears. Blake did a fine job of protecting RGIII. For a big guy, Blake demonstrates his athleticism and power.

5. Cliff Harris:

Has he got off the field trouble? Yes. Was he kicked off The Oregon football team for off field conduct? Yes. Why take a chance on him? Harris is a "Difference Makers". He is one of the better cover CB's in the nation. A dual threat as a punt returner. Harris is a risk, but a risk worth taking IMO.

6. Janzen Jackson:

Former Tennessee Volunteer who was dismissed from the team due to off field conduct. He transferred to McNeese St. Jackson is a ballhawk at the FS position. He challenges the pass as good as anyone. Jackson is a strong run defender. Perhaps another risk worth taking.

7. Akiem Hicks:

Former LSU Tiger found his way north to play football in Canada; Regina College. at 6'4 325 Hicks is a large man with an abundance of athleticism. He displays the ability to penetrate and stop the run.

The Rams would do well to find a way to get these prospects on their roster. These "Magnificent Seven" (Potentially At Least)

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