REIFF?... Any other LT this year?... Nah, Go DeCastro! -New Poll Added-

Here’s to all the “Draft a LT/Reiff with the 1st pick” people out there, and everyone else too I guess… why not?

Ok, it's draft day and it ends up we do trade out of the #2…

Are you really sure you would go Reiff (or any other LT available this year) to start this draft?

Reiff isn’t going to give us more than Saffold at Left or Right Tackle. I don’t see that happening.
The likelihood that Saffold doesn’t progress with the new coaching staff, well past where he was in his Rookie year is highly unlikely.

So if that ends up being the case, why take “the second rated” LT in a draft where he (along with the #1 guy with all sorts of potential I guess) do not do what (Pace, Ogden, W Jones etc) were already doing before they were drafted?

Why not go with Mr. David DeCastro with whatever pick Reiff would qualify for?

Can you see good reason to think DeCastro couldn’t give “at least” what Reiff would give you at Tackle?...

If you haven’t seen a good sample of DeCastro footage yet, Go grab a beverage and watch what he does for a bit. Include some of his H.S. stuff if you have time too, Especially back then, it was hard to find plays where his assignment wasn’t going to the ground. And I am talking Game footage, not highlight reel stuff.

Then go back and watch Reiff... again if you already have done some homework on him.

Tell me DeCastro isn’t something special in the “now”.
He is going to have a career with at least one probowl in the end, multiple invites with a little added “good” mass.

Let him loose at Right Tackle initially. If he isn't the same player outside, you are stuck with one of the better/top Guards in the league.

Now I won’t provide a reason to have a tomato hucking session started and say go Decastro, “a guard” at #2, even though I really wouldn’t mind if it actually happened :)-

But! He is the kind of player that contributes to having words like “Dominant”,
and phrases like “One of the best in the league” being used to describe an Offensive Line.

Wouldn't it be nice to hear stuff like that (for a change) being thrown around regarding the team you are rooting for?

It sure would make game days A Heck of a lot more enjoyable for us... safer for #8, etc etc

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