Sosa's Mix it Up Mock!

I am going to try a nice Mock here!

Free Agency :

Marques Colston: With the Saints having to worry about having to sign Brees and Nicks we can hope that Colston slips through to us with their multiple WR threats. Colston is massive and runs crisp routes with great hands. (Signed to: 4 yrs 45 mill)

Pierre Garcon: This may look like overkill, but quality weapons provide Sam with tons of targets to go to. Garcon is extremely underrated and had 947 yards with Curtis Painter throwing him the ball. (Signed to: 5 yrs 30 mill)

Albert Haynesworth: Sign him to a vet minimum deal. Its a low risk high reward signing. Haynesworth could play like he did in Washington and still be the #2 DT here, or he could go to his pro bowl days and be a steal. (Signed to: 1yr 500k)

Le'Ron McClain: A solid FB that can actually carry the ball. He will help prolong SJAX's career and will steal the occasional carry. McClain is actually solid running the ball and can block. (Signed to: 3 yrs 6.5 mill)

Total per year for the FA's: 10 mill (Colston) + 6 mill (Garcon) + 500 k (Haynesworth) + 2.2 mill (McClain) = 18.7 million.

Re-Sign :

Danny Amendola: Our best slot WR and return man, Amendola will be the security blanket once again. He is a warrior and should be back here with no questions asked.

Cut or Re-structure:

Re-structure Jason Smith: His salary hit for 2012 is $10 million, we will work it out to about $2.5 million and save the difference.

Re-structure Jason Brown: Take back $2 million off of his salary ($7 million to $5). He should accept this willingly after last year..

Cut Fred Robbins: Cutting big Freddie will save us a nice total of $3 million. This allows us to do some nice things in FA.

Cut Josh Brown: This guy is getting paid premium kicker money at $3 million and is missing easy field goals that should be hit.

Fix Sam Bradfords: Turn his salary hit ($13 million I believe) into a signing bonus which will help us clean up about $6 million in space.

Total Savings: $21.5 million

Left Over Salary Cap(After FA, Re-Sign's) : 12.5 million.

Draft :

1.2 Matt Kalil, OT, USC: I think Kalil is a much better prospect than Justin Blackmon, plus we added 2 WR's. Kalil will solidify the LT spot. The addition of Kalil allows us to move Saffold to RT, and Jason Smith to LG essentially fixing 3 positions with one addition.

2.33 Dontari Poe, NT, Memphis: We add a mammoth in the middle of the line to help improve the worst run D in the NFL last year. Poe will be Haloti Ngata like and will demand double teams severely helping Long and Quinn.

3.66 Lavonte David, OLB, Nebraska: David can fly to the ball really quickly and we finally get a player to pair with Laurinaitis. David is an excellent athlete and will excel at WLB or SLB.

4.97 Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech: I think Hosley adds great depth and a nice gunner on ST. He has great ability to locate the ball whilst in the air. He's a nice add especially with our depleted secondary.

6.161 Josh Chichester, TE, Louisville: He's 6'8. Do I need to say more? Kidding, but every draft there will always be talk about a converted Bball player becoming the next Antonio Gates and I believe Chichester can. He's absolutely massive at 6'8 and can jump high too. This kids a matchup nightmare.


Total Salary Cap left Over after Everything: All Spent!


QB: Bradford/Clemens

RB: Jackson/McClain/Caddy Williams

FB: McClain

WR1: Colston/Pettis

WR2: Garcon/DX

Slot: Amendola/Salas

TE: Kendricks/Chichester/Hoomanwanui

LT: Kalil/Goldberg

LG: Smith/Mattison

C: Brown/Wragge

RG: Dahl/Mattison

RT: Saffold/Goldberg

LE: Long/Sims/Ah You

NT: Poe/Haynesworth

UT: Bannan/Gibson

RE: Quinn/Hall/ Ah You

SLB: David/Poppinga

MLB: Laurinaitis/Hull

WLB: Chamberlain/Kehl

CB1: Bartell/Gordy

CB2: Fletcher/Gordy

SlotCB: Murphy/Hosley

FS: Mikell/Dahl

SS: Stewart/Dahl

K: Drafted Kicker

P: Donnie Jones

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