2012 NFL Combine: Michael Floyd Ready To Move Past His Youthful Mistakes

The Combine, at its essence, is really all about answering questions. How fast? How big? And, of course, those all important matters of character. Michael Floyd has questions in every category to answer, and he fielded those questions from a curious press on Friday.

From his alcohol-related incidents to his route running, Floyd laid it out for the world to see. Did he satisfactorily answer those questions to boost his draft stock?

"Just immaturity," Floyd said when asked about the reasons for his off-field incidents. "You know, people all the time have mistakes like this. Unfortunately, it happened to me on a big stage going across the nation. It's about moving forward. It's about making sure you don't make the same mistake again. And just keeping a positive head and staying on the positive side of things."

Three times Floyd ran into trouble, his last coming in March 2011, when he received a citation for drunk driving. That resulted in a suspension from the team from March through August; he did not miss any games for the 2011 season.

Floyd did confront the incident, with the help of head coach Brian Kelley.

"[Coach Kelly] put me through a couple classes, stayed on my side the whole time," Floyd said. "Making sure what I was doing every single day. Making sure I was on top of the things I had to do to accomplish to be back on the team possibly. I give him a lot of great thanks for sticking by me because in that position you never know. A coach could just rule you out of the thing and kick you off the team and you'd have no availability to be back. He gave me a chance and I took that chance and moved forward."

Those were Floyd's answers to the press. He will have to do more to satisfy the teams considering him as a potential first-round pick.

"All I can do is be honest and tell them exactly what happened in my past and go on from there," Floyd said of discussing the issue with NFL teams.

Floyd will be heavily scrutinized by teams considering him, and his off-field incidents will not be the only thing under the microscope.

Injuries plagued Floyd early in his college career, including a broken collar bone in 2009 and a knee injury in 2008. He missed the Senior Bowl in January recovering from a rib injury he suffered in the Champs Sports Bowl.

Speed is the other big question for Floyd. He does plan to run the forty at the Combine, and his time could have a big impact on his draft stock.

"Its important for me just because I want to do the best I can," Floyd said of his forty time. I'm going to try to put up the best numbers here I can and you can only hope for the best."

Jeff Fisher has a long history of taking chances on players that other team might avoid because of those character issues, which makes Floyd an interesting name to watch as he goes through the steps this weekend.

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