Rams realistic offseason!

So I am typing this with the expectation that the Rams will be able to free up about another 10 million in cap room which would put us at about 20 Million, more then enough to sign 1 key free agent and a few role players. I will also give my thoughts on the draft. I can see the draft getting wild, with multiple trades for our team where we could amass a bevy of picks.

Our key free agent signing, Cortland Finnegan, so in this situation we shed barbells contract and we add a reliable corner that brings the toughness this team needs SOOOOO badly. Shedding Bartell saves the rams about 6 million in salary, signing Fin could cost around 9 so we can seriously up grade our cornerback position for around 3 million bucks. We keep Murphy, Fletcher, Gordy. Add a late round pick to the mix and we can feel pretty good about CB.

Some role playing free agents to keep an eye on these will be listed by position and I feel these are quality players that we could afford.

DT: Derek Landri, Amobi Okoye, Broderick Bunkly

OLB: Erin Henderson, Rocky McIntosh

WR:Braylon Edwards, Pierre Garcon, Stevie Johnson(will not come cheap, but would LOVE him as a Ram)

G/C: Mike Pollack, Will Montgomery

Of this group I will pick who I feel the Rams should sign, now I know all of these positions will not be addressed during free agency. I will just choose 4 of these players who I feel could help the Rams.

For DT, I think the Rams should go after Amobi Okoye, now I know what your thinking, but With our Defensive coaches maybe they can pull something out of the former first rounder, he is still very young considering he entered the league at 19. Between Greg Williams, Jeff Fisher, Dave Mcginnis and Mike Wauffle I think they might be able to pull the potential out of Okoye, would cost very little with a high amount of potential.

For OLB, Erin Henderson, he is young and a very solid player. May be a little pricey but he has pro bowl skills and is only 26 years old, could sign a mid level 4 year deal with us and be JL's right hand man for a while.

WR, I have been talking about this on this sight for a few days now, and honestly think it would be an awesome signing by the Rams, Braylon Edwards. He worked with Shotty in NY, so is familiar with the terminology and the system, something that can be of crucial importance with young players. We want the offense to have any advantage they can coming into this season.

G/C, Mike Pollack, he can play multiple positions on the line and is an upgrade from the current depth players we have.

Now to the draft, I will make this quick,

round 1 trade with cleveland for number 4 and 22, and number 37. It might seem like a lot but the Rams will have multiple suitors so it will drive the bidding up.

#4- Riley Reiff, I have been watching Rams videos lately, and watching Bradford get ping ponged all last year scared me half to death, sure up the line Damnit!!

#22- Zach Brown, Speaks for itself, have you seen our OLB? they are special teasers at best. Don't rule out another trade down for an additional 2.

#33-Mohhamad Sanu- Need a wide out and everyone says he has number 1 potential

#37- Brandon Thompson- DT big guy, stout against the run and can rush the QB, bring in some fresh talent to the DT rotation.

Round 3 pick 2- Kevin Zeitler- another big 10 linemen, how bad could that be?

round 4 pick 1- Lamichael James/Chris Polk/Isiah Pead- we need a quick shifty back who is young not a free agent type someone to grow with our coaches and their system, I have to assume one of these guys will be available.

Round 6:Omar Bolden, Cb for depth with a lot of upside.

round 7: Kicker, who ever the highest rated kicker is, I know its crazy but for gods sakes can we get rid of Brown.

Some notable position groups would look like this,

DT: Robbins, Bannon, Thompson, Okoye, Gibson

WR: Edwards, Sanu, Amendola, Pettis, Salas, Alexander

LB: JL, Henderson, Brown, Chamberlain, Poppinga

OL: Reiff, Saffold, Wragge, Dahl, Brown, Zeitler, Goldberg, Pollack

Let me know what you guys think, I am having trouble concentrating on anything else but this offseason, I am dying for the Rams to bring in some really exciting talent.

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