My off season thoughts and plans i think can't go wrong

Their is a reason why top teams stay at the top. The Saints grouped together top 5 o-line and snagged drew brees and havent left the spotlight. The Packers, Ravens and Patriots all have been good for too long and all have top o-lines. Somebody commented on a different post that the dolphins made a mistake in drafting Jake Long because they are not good, but they got their line set now and are on the rise and based off of the end of their season. I think their a QB away from playoff contenders.

How many times do you watch the saints or patriots play (with their top WRs) and brees and brady hold the ball 6+ seconds? If the rams are not gunna address the o-line their best bet is getting blackmon because guess what guys...bradford is NOT gunna be able to throw the deep ball for his life, and do you know why? Because the line doesn't hold long enough. And yea defense blitz too much, blah blah blah. No more than 3 plays a game do they send more than 6 blitzers. Lets count, 6 defensive rushers vs. 5 o-line players +1 rb/fb ( or sometimes both). The reason blitz look overpowering vs rams offense is because they shed blocks like a bad habit. Better o-line players equalls better blitz pick-up. Ram receivers drop to many balls and that sucks, but with more time do you think bradford might throw the ball just a little softer? Either way the injuries sucked. Bradford lost the only target he trusted early and i blame his bad season on that fact and his injuries (could they have been caused by to many hits?). I'm gunna go ahead and let you guys know my scenerio for ram's gm's to look over.

First off sign Brandon Lloyd. He is a proven asset and is the #1 reciever the rams need as of right now. A plus could be that he might be signed for much less than the $10million+ a year a jackson will demand at WR

Next is free agency. Sign Carl Nicks. For those who don't know, he is the left guard from new orleans and plays a major role in that teams offense. Unfortunatly for the saints they can not afford him with contracts going to brees this year along with others. He will more than likely go for about $55 million over 7 years, but that is also less than jason smith will be getting paid. So cut smith and sign nicks, costs the about the same except one actually plays.

Next FA player is OLB. This corp can definably be improved but if not done here might be able to be done durring the draft. At free agency there are but three players to look at. Anthony spencer from dallas, the weak side LBacker was solid against the run and a decent rusher as well, points that need help. Dan conner of carolina is another fit. He is a back up but only because carolina LBs are great. Any time he is on the field, connor is a consistently solid player and some consistency would be awesome here. David Hawthorne from seattle is more of a last resort if needed. He plays decent and isn't likely to re-sign were he is at. Something to notice is that these players are all looking for team need, rather than a paycheck, which is nice.

Mike Tolbert(san diego) is my favorite target among RBs this year. He is tough, dependable and wants to play. The only thing I don't like is he is not fast and replicates Steven jackson to much. Another problem may be his price tag, which the rams have a limited amount of. Another option is ryan grant(green bay). He is good and can come cheeper than Tolbert but not as good. That might play better though as a rookie RB is a big option for st louis to be groomed under Jackson( remember that jackson was groomed under HoF marshal faulk and that worked out great).

At DT i can really only see jason jones from Tennessee being good enough to start. He regressed at defensive end but moved there after fisher. Fisher could bring jones to st louis and back to DT. I would like that move and after a not so good season jones could come cheep. For depth DT i can see thomas(denver) or McKinney(Baltimore) if they become available.

And with that comes free agency. I have 2 first round scenarios right now. 1st is draft kalil with the 2nd pick and in the 2nd round draft either the best DT or CB whichever player is greater. I see 3rd round going to the position that wasnt taken in the 2nd round and 4th round going toward the best available WR. The 5th round belongs to the RB. I can't really get more specific with draft players because I'm not trusting any picks outside the top 5.

2nd scenario is to trade to the browns for their 2 1st round picks, a 3rd round pick and next years 1st. I believe they might do that and with the first pick get kalil if not taken, otherwise take Claiborne at CB. With the 22nd pick take the best LT available. 2nd round pick goes to a DT. The 3rd round goes to both a rb and either a WR or OLB. The rest of the draft goes tothe best available player.

Let me know what you think. Keep in mind this is my first fan post and was done on my phone.

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