The Free Agent Wide Receivers

There are more big name free agent wide receivers available this year than I can every remember being available. It would make a lot of sense to sign one of these guys since most of them won't get the payday they deserve with all the competition out there. Some of the second tier guys could easily be great steals and still upgrades for the Rams. Personally I feel we'd be much better off signing one or two of these guys and letting WR wait til next year in the draft.

Here's a list of free agents with a few personal thoughts on them:

Wes Welker – Everyone says there is no way he doesn't end up with the Pats again, but the Pats have a history of letting big money players not named Tom Brady walk. Turns 31 in June.

Mike Wallace – Restricted - Before coaching changes I'd of said no way he moves. With a more conservative offense coach and two more young emerging receivers in Pittsburgh who knows though. One could easily make the case for him being the best WR free agent this year, restricted or not.

Dwayne Bowe - In my opinion the second best player up for free agency in KC this offseason after Brandon Carr. They may be hard pressed to sign both.

Vincent Jackson - Probably the most talented, but a DUI history and the competition may keep him from the payday he would get in another year.

Marques Colston – He wants to be the man somewhere. New Orleans has to pay Drew Brees and Carl Nicks and possibly Robert Meachem. They probalby won't pay him the money he wants and deserves given the way they spread around the ball.

Steve Johnson – Only 26, for stretches in the last two years he's been one of the best. Could end up with a franchise tag but if he doesn't he should get paid somewhere.

Reggie Wayne – At 34 how many more years can he get it done? May move on from Indy with the turnover there, as they clean house for a new beginning.

Desean Jackson – Another 26 year old. Another likely candidate for the franchise tag. Will get big bucks despite his diva meltdown this year.

Brandon Lloyd – Our best chance at signing a great receiver. Already shown some chemistry with Bradford. Would be a mistake to let him walk without our best effort to keep him here.

Mario Manningham - Probably be overpayed after his clutch role in the superbowl, wherever he ends up.

Laurent Robinson – Already did one stint here in St. Louis, wants to stay in Dallas where he clicked with Romo, but can Dallas afford to pay him as a number three?

Robert Meachem – Young receiver that can stretch the field and find the end zone. Not sure how he will fair without a Marques Colston across the way though.

Jerome Simpson – Everyone knows who he is since the flip. A young athletic receiver that's yet to be consistent but always puts together 2-3 big games a year.

Pierre Garcon – Twenty five and has quietly improved every year, even this year with no Manning. I've been very surprised not to hear his name out there in the free agent talk. Stick a guy like this with Lloyd and Amendola and we could sneak up on some people.

Mark Clayton and Danny Amendola (Restricted) - Danny should end up here again, but will Mark? He has shown great chemistry with Bradford when he had the chance and was healthy. It's doubtful Mark would get a big payday anywhere.

Ted Ginn – Worth mentioning just because he's a dynamic return man (which we always lack) that we could steal from a division rival.

The Rest:
Early Doucet (ARZ)
Harry Douglas (ATL)
Eric Weems (ATL)
Ruvell Martin (BUF)
Roscoe Parrish (BUF)
Legedu Naanee (CAR)
Roy Williams (CHI)
Andre Caldwell (CIN)
Eddie Royal (DEN)
Rashied Davis (DET)
Maurice Stovall (DET)
Braylon Edwards (FA)
Bryant Johnson (HOU)
Anthony Gonzalez (IND)
Jerheme Urban (KC)
Devin Aromashodu (MIN)
Bernard Berrian (MIN)
Greg Camarillo (MIN)
Deion Branch (NE)
Matt Slater (NE)
Courtney Roby (NO)
Domenik Hixon (NYG)
Devin Thomas (NYG)
Plaxico Burress (NYJ)
TJ Houshmandzadeh (OAK)
Derek Hagan (OAK)
Chaz Schilens (OAK)
Steve Smith (PHI)
Jerricho Cotchery (PIT)
Patrick Crayton (SD)
Josh Morgan (SF)
Mike Sims-Walker (STL)
Micheal Spurlock (TB)
Donnie Avery (TEN)
Kevin Curtis (TEN)
Lavelle Hawkins (TEN)
David Anderson (WAS)
Donte' Stallworth (WAS)
Stephen Williams (ARZ) - Exclusive Rights
Jordan Norwood (CLE) - Exclusive Rights
Jesse Holley (DAL) - Exclusive Rights
Kevin Ogletree (DAL) - Restricted
Stefan Logan (DET) - Restricted
Matt Willis (DEN) - Restricted
Dominique Curry (STL) - Exclusive Rights
Preston Parker (TB) - Exclusive Rights

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