The landscape is a changin'!



So let me bounce this off of you as not just a Rams fan, but a football fan. Last week, we experienced the last professional contest of one of the greatest sports on this beautiful blue plant called Earth and I find myself in that state of "football depression". I thought it was great football played at the Super Bowl by the way, but the rest of it was weak!

Yes, there's lots of news going on where you are seeing football fixtures in one division actually turn into foregone conclusions to move to another. I can honestly say, I never thought in all of my years as a football lover that I would see what is happening between the Colts and "The Manning". Yet, as St. Louis fans know first hand, loss brings about change, whether good or bad.

We are seeing great mind share move from one team to the next under the most disconcerting circumstances. I of course may be taking this to the extreme, but it seems that I have witnessed more movement in team staff than I have in team personnel. Is this the norm for the NFL now where coordinators that shouldn't leave the game are retiring prematurely and then head coaches are taking on roles after their tenure is up in their city that seem to just be a bit too far of a step back? Either way, a new day and a new landscape is dawning for he NFL.

I for one am excited to see how the whole thing turns out. I feel like the league, players and owners stole a bit of quality football from me last season due to the lock out, but that's a difffernt piece. Now I look towards next season and enjoy connecting the dots and imagining what free agents we may go after. I am working with the recent article from, Top 50 free agents. We know there are many Rams' needs, but there are certain positions that I don't want to leave to a rookie. (No offense rooks!)

CB - You know this is a position that we need to address badly. I just don't think the answer is going to come from only the draft. Case in point:

On that list you see a couple of really attractive prospects in Brent Grimes at #8 and Cortland Finnegan at #14. You have read where Detroit might be Finnegan's spot, but don't count the STL out. Jeff Fisher will have significant pull with vets, especially ones who he drafted. Brent Grimes is getting up there but looks like he has a lot of great football left in him. Both guys will come at a price, but it is a prime position, so cut the check. Yet, you can't help but see #20 on the list Tracy Porter jump out as he would fit right into Gregg "Deth" William's defense. So we shall see, but it would be nice to see one of them on the squad. It would be f#@$%&^* spooky as hell to have two!! Moving on...

DT - Our guys at this position have checkered circumstances ranging from injury to mediocrity, but when looking at the top 50 list, oops, do you see what I do?! Holy Smokes, #38 Jason Jones is there and he is just 26 years old. I feel he would be a nice pick up with a lot of upside. He needs to be coached up and I think we have the right folks to do so. His history with the current regime will be a link to watch. Past him, there are really good players available higher on that list, but I just don't feel like we need to add anyone on that line who is over 28 years old. It's time to set some 'upside' guys in place and let that D-line 'gel' if you will.

WR - Yeah I know it is third on this list but get over it. I have my own feelings on what we have today. I will let you know this...we may want to stop rushing to judgement on what we have until we see everyone through a full camp. There is a high IQ at the position (stop laughing!) and we might want to give some of the guys a chance. Wait wait before you throw that shoe, hear me out: Any free agent will cost money, but what are you really getting?

Ok so look at DeSean Jackson. He is an amazing talent with a bad attitude that can truly have a negative effect on a locker room. There is absolutely no arguing that he is a game changer, but is he worth the headache or cash? Would I love to see him returning for us? Of course but we need a strong locker room and no cry baby, self centered, "perfect pass dropping", why am I not paid players! I like the professionalism that Brandon Lloyd brings to the position and I think that he could lead whatever receiver core we have, period.

Vincent Jackson has been on the Rams radar for like how many seasons? He is 29 with a lot of good ball left in him, but why would someone who has been playing in the sun come to a dome city? I get the impression that he will cost a pretty penny too. I really don't feel we should spend heavily on that position for someone who may only be in the league another 3-4 years. Past that, there are maybe's, some how's, or kind of sort of's on the list. There will be more WR's out there on the market before its all said and done.

Past the above positions, there is not much out there on that list that I would break the bank for, but then again I'm just a fan. What do you think?

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