Mock Draft #2

It's Friday, I'm bored, and felt like making another mock draft. So hopefully you'll enjoy.

I've identified the Rams biggest needs as Safety, OT, Safety, OLB, LG, TE, DT, and RB. A "true #1 receiver" would also be a nice thing to add, but I strongly believe that the FO is happy with the current crop of receivers, especially Brian Quick, and still see them as a big part of the future.

So here goes:

Round 1a: S, Kenny Vaccaro, Texas - With the way our team has developed, and the record that has resulted from that, this pick will be anywhere from the 14-20 range most likely. Vaccaro should be one of the top prospects available at that point, and fills a great need for us.

Round 1b: OT, Eric Fisher, Central Michigan - With the ever-increasing stock of Joeckel, Matthews, and Lewan, it is starting to seem unlikely that any of the three will be available by this pick; which should be in the 16-22 range. Warmack is also likely to be gone, and that moves us to Eric Fisher. Fisher has dominated his level of competition, and has played 3 different positions on the OL. He's a prospect with a lot of upside, and could likely replace Barry Richardson by the beginning of next year; and potentially move to the left side in the long term.

Round 2: OG, Dallas Thomas, Tennessee - Another versatile lineman, Thomas has been rising up draft boards and may not even be available come our time to pick in round two. However, if he is, he will definitely be worth a look. Our coaching staff has been working with minimal talent and depth, and producing great results. Adding a guy like Thomas gives us needed depth, and is a great value at this point of the 2nd round.

Round 3: S, Bacarri Rambo, Georgia - Another potential first round talent with character concerns, Rambo would be a great addition here in the 3rd. He has a nose for the ball and the potential to be a great playmaker. Plus, I mean c'mon, his name is legit.

Round 4: OLB, Jonathan Brown, Illinois - An extremely athletic linebacker with great playmaking skills, Brown would be a nice piece to add to an already potent Rams defense. He's been projected to go as high as the 2nd or 3rd, so getting him in the fourth would be great value.

Round 5: CB/S/PR, Tyrann Mathieu, LSU - The man whose draft position will be more talked about than likely any other in this years draft, I have the Rams taking a chance on Mathieu in the fifth. He could very well go much earlier, or even go completely undrafted... However, he provides some things that the Rams love, and some things that the Rams need. First off, he's a flat out playmaker. It's unlikely that he could be a cover corner in the NFL, and he would need to add size to be a true safety, but he can flat out play. He would also be a phenomenal return-man for the Rams. If we don't HAVE to have him start in year one, he'll be a wooonderful pick for us, especially at this point of the draft.

Round 6: RB, Marcus Lattimore, SC - Did I call Mathieu the guy with the most fluctuating draft position? Because it may actually be Lattimore. Lattimore is a phenomenal prospect at RB who has had two season-ending knee injuries in two years. Even with that, he could still go as high as the 2nd round, or could go undrafted. Once again, the Rams should be in an excellent place to take a chance on him. If Jackson returns (which we all hope he will), Lattimore isn't a player that we'll need right away, and therefore he'll be given proper time to recover. However, Lattimore provides the power that neither Richardson or Pead will be able to provide, and will really come in handy down the line in 2-3 years.

Round 7: LB, Will Compton, Nebraska - Looking through prospects, I couldn't find many in this range that I liked, and would likely be very, very far off at predicting them anyways... So I decided to go with a guy from my hometown who actually could be drafted around this time. He's local (Bonne Terre, MO), and if undrafted could potentially sign with the Rams as an UDFA.

My first draft was highly criticized, but thoughts on this?

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