2013 nfl mock with fa moves

hey fellow rams fans. i put together a mock draft with free agency scenarios and give and explanation why so her goes.

1. mikell you're gone you're not worth a 6 million dallor cap hit

2. resign danny

3. let s jax test free agency before ya'll blow up that me hear me out. i don't think sjax want to be a ram next season. he even said he want to be on a playoff team with a chance at win a Superbowl!! the rams are not tha't team just yet. So if he test free agency and doesn't get the type of deal he wants we could resign him for less money

4. resign gibson i know i know but he has shown up recently and while would never be a 1.2 or 3 Wr he's a damn good forth wr depth will be important to this team

5. Craig Dahl was disgusting today missed alot of tackles blown coverage and miss in opportunity for a int that would maybe win the game for us some that being said you're gone

Free Agent Pick Ups

1. Jared Cook fisher drafted cook and he's not happy in Tennessee i like the way Lance has came long and he's a very versatile player but Jared cook can stretch the field,win jump balls, beat linebackers and safeties and go over the middle While Lance is a great blockers he's really not a game changer he's better when he sneaks out in to coverage like on delay routes,flats and seem routes

2. Jairus Byrd after cutting Mikell safety will nedd to be addressed him and jenkins and the sam side for the field dangerous and he's a play maker

3. Andre Smith he is a great run blocking right tackle good but not a great pass blocker but he has quick feet and strong at the point of attack power LE will have a problem with him and has the a ability to slow down speed rushers and he will be cheaper than Clady,Long and Albert

Draft Time

1A. Chance Warmack (Bama) and absolute monster at left guard can push you off the line and open up gapping holes in running lanes with him this o-line is complete and ready to run over what over

1B. Eric Reed (lsu) strong safety shoud'nt be a hard move for him he is a big strong safety with good recovering skills if caught out of position solid tackler with good hands and range to cover alot of ground

2. Khaseem Greene (Rutgers) a speedy former safety he has good cover skills sure tackler can cover TE when need smart and has great instincts is guy will be a stud in blue and gold

3. Le'veon Bell (MSU) not fast but has very quick feet he can cut,spin a round you,run over you even jump over you and can carry the loud if needed to at MSU he carried the ball 35 times in a few games but he's never carried the ball under 25 times either rarely ever fumbled and he's big 6'2 245 pounds reminds you of someone don't he(sjax) this guy can flat out ball and would be a steal in the third p.s this might change due to sj39 re signing but like i said before i think he whats a ring before he retires and is not willing to wait on a grow team as he continues to age

4. Tyrann Mathieu (LSU) i know he's been in alot of trouble latey but the kid has talent and a incredible nose for the football not only does he give the rams good depth at corner after Fletcher leaves but he's also a great kick returner/punt returner that has a chance to score every time he touches the ball simply put his a play maker and we but have to many of those

5. Zaviar Gooden (mizzou) fast sideline to sideline linebacker will be great depth behind greene an dunbur

6. Rodney Smith (florida St) big 6'6 WR likes to go over the middle and he 220 pounds but he is very raw he could be a nice red zone target would expect much more than that be he will catch a pass here and there

7. BPA

so there it is let me know what you think

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