Rams Vs 49ers: How The Rams Won


The St. Louis Rams pull an upset on the San Francisco 49ers. Winning 16-13, in a game that almost ended in another tie. Let's look back on how they won.

So, the St. Louis Rams took the San Francisco 49ers into another overtime. This time the game didn't end in another tie, but in a victory for the Rams.

It was one of the ugliest, luckiest, wins I've ever witnessed as a Rams fan, and I don't care. The Rams grabbed the 16-13 victory from the 49ers hands, but will you hear About it tomorrow?

Of course not, if the national media mention this game, it will mainly be about Colin Kaepernick and how his tattoos had a negative effect on the game. Or they will say did the 49ers make a mistake benching Alex Smith.

But who cares about that, let's talk about how the Rams won.

The Rams defense

The defense played great, only allowing 13 points to an offense that's scored more then 21+ points in their last three games. The 49ers made some big plays.

The Rams defense scored 8 points - two points with a safety by pressuring the 49ers tattooed QB into an intentional grounding call in the end zone, and Jenkins score on a fumble.

For much of this game the defense pressured Colin and made him uncomfortable. Outside of two big runs, they kept the 49ers offense in check. All in all, a really good effort by the defense.

Chris Givens

Givens had a big game last week with over 100 yards on 5 catches. This week he out did himself, grabbing 11 passes and 95 yards. He proved that he wasn't just a one trick deep play guy, by catching underneath passes. He looked like a number 1 target today.

Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson carried the rock 20+ times, and ran for 48 rushing yards, but he also grabbed 6 passes for 69 yards and was the second best receiver in the game. The 49ers keyed on Jackson in the running game, where he could rarely find a hole. He ran hard, and even on his clutch catches he showed how much he wanted to win. Jackson is making it harder to cut him in the off-season.

Is he still Greg the Leg?

He missed his first attempt, which was pretty far. I wasn't happy, on twitter I said that Fisher made a mistake letting Greg Zuerlein kick the ball, and in my head I didn't think that Greg had the accuracy. I was even considering pitching a show called Everybody Hates Greg...

Two clutch kicks later - one that sent it to overtime - and the other that won the game, he's back on Tevins' good list. Making two kicks longer then 50 yards in clutch moments has to be hard on a rookie player, the Rams found a diamond in the rough.

After a game like this, you have to feel good about where this team is headed.
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