Sup fellas

Got a mock for all ya.

Round 1a-Eric Fisher OT, Central Michigan

Our Oline this year, simply put, was awful. JK its been alot better than we all expected, but we gotta improve it. At this point Jockel, Matthews and Lewan will likely be gone, but ya never know. Fisher has alot of upside and can become a very good LT. Bradford would almost pee himself if the team chose Fisher.

Round 1b-Kenny Vaccaro S, Texas

We need a safety. Dahl sucks. Mikell isnt that great but I think he will be staying, Vaccaro should be here and I believe he is the best safety in this years draft(Raid and Elam are also good, Vaccaro is better all around though. Still would be happy with any of them)

Round 2-Anthony Barr OLB, UCLA

Like the Oline, our linebacking core has played much better than expected. Dunbar was a great signing, and JL is well, JL..Mcintosh has been good too but Barr is very good and if he is here we have to pull the trigger. The only real holes in our D that I see are safety and outside linebacker. If we can address both of those our D will be elite. Barr may not be here though

Round 3-Joseph Fauria TE, UCLA

Kendricks has stepped up. Props to him. But still hes not constantly making plays on offense like we need. At times he is our best blocker but we need a TE he can be relied on in the receiving game, especially in the redzone. Enter Joseph Fauria. Like Barr, getting Fauria now may be a reach but he would be a great pick. He's 6'7 and could instantly become Bradford's go-to guy in the redzone. And yes, I do think Kendricks will remain our number 1 TE, but Fauria would come in for redzone situations.

Round 4-Gabe Ikard G/C, Oklahoma

Ikard is a versatile lineman capable of playing either guard or center. With Wells age and injury concern, drafting someone who could come in and play in his absence , and play well too is a good idea. He can be a starter at either guard or center and he could eventually beat out Wells for the starting job. Huge sleeper.

Round 5- Marcus Lattimore RB, South Carolina

Here's a guy you gotta feel bad for. at one point in his college career he looked like he would be a first round pick. Then two devastating injuries derailed his career and hurt his stock. This is the ultimate boom-or-bust pick. HE could turn out to be a great RB, a change of pace guy behind Jackson(who i think and hope stays) and eventually take over and be great. Or he could get injured again. Sjax has looked good this year but he needs help. Richardson has filled in nicely but i dont thing he will be capable of becoming our number 1 running back. Im not giving up on him, but I think Lattimore should be the pick here.

Round 6-DJ Swearinger S, South Carolina

Yeah, another safety. Lot of upside and if we cut Dahl(fingers crossed) we wont have a ton of depth at the position. Could be a real steal and down the road if paired with Vaccaro our secondary would give teams nightmares.

Round 7- Omar Hunter DT, Florida

Some upside, DT depth

What ya guys think? Vote and leave comments!

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