Random Ramsdom 12/27/12: St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks Preview and More


Good Thurdsay morning, St. Louis Rams fans! As always, I hope today finds you well. If you were good a boy or girl - which cannot be blamed on Turf Show Times or it’s affiliates [me] - then you probably had 'a bounty’ of Rams’ goodies under your Christmas Tree Tuesday morning. If you were bad, well… you probably got a Kevin Kolb jersey. Which one were you?


In Rams News


I’m not sure much more needs to be said. The 49ers have the most players heading to Hawaii in early 2013. The Rams have a lot of really GOOD players, but according to the voters, none are top tier or at least none great enough to make the Pro Bowl. There are quite a few travesties amongst the voting, one being a aforementioned 49er selection. How Gore makes the NFC squad over Doug Martin and Alfred Morris is beyond me. Can you spy any more? What Rams deserved to make it?

QB’s The Key To Week 17 Win?

ESPN West aficionado Mike Sando weighs in on how truly important Quarterback play will be in Week 17. In what’s clearly a ‘duh’ sort of assessment, he’s right. It’s a rematch, folks. An opportunity for the Rams’ to right the wrongs from 2010. In order for your Sunday not to potentially be the 2nd worst in recent memory, Sam Bradford will need to step up. He’s certainly not the only one, but his 2010 performance - which could’ve lead the Rams to the playoffs - left a bit to be desired. Bradford, in 2012, looks to be in a better position to succeed. On the road, against the highest scoring offense in the NFL through the past three games will be no easy feat though. Russell Wilson is coming into his own too. Certainly one of the better rookie draft selections in 2012, the Rams defense is equally important if the Rams are to upset the red-hot Seahawks.

You Know Walt Updated That Mock!

With the playoffs out of the picture, NFL [or armchair] experts are starting to fire up their completely useless and inaccurate mock drafts. That’s not fair. The mocks are fun, and certainly a guide…but accurate, they will not be. Walt, in collaboration with Thursday morning Random Ramsdom’s has updated his 2013 NFL Mock Draft. How goes it?

A Yahoo! Sports Week 17 Preview

Here’s your preview of the Rams vs. Seahawks game for the final game of the regular season. Maybe, just maybe, you’d expect for the Rams to have earned a bit of respect at this point in the season. I won’t say that you’d be wrong, but the Seahawks destruction of their last three opponents has the ‘experts’ in a tizzy.

A CBS Sports Week 17 Preview

Another preview here. CBS has a few more ‘experts’ in the lineup, giving the Rams a better chance at seeing their name selected as the victors. Wrong...

A Bird’s Eye View: The Seahawks on Week 17’s Matchup

Here is Seahawks.com's blog take on this weeks match-up. Their surprise ‘star power’ player might surprise you. Not because of his performance, but because of his inexperience. The unsung hero? Uhhh…I don’t know about that one. More recent stud, in my opinion. Numbers to know? They got ‘em! And just what does Jeff Fisher think about the Seahawks?

The Rams Attempt At A Winning Record

INCOMING! Giant paragraph! I’m not sure what else to say. If you can read that, pat yourself on the back. You’re doing really well early on Thursday morning!

In Sporting News…

Trouble in Para…shoot!

Tim Tebow was so ‘excited’ to join the New York Jets in the offseason. But how does he feel now - as the season draws to a close - and there is minimal time for him to turn around the failures of the prior QB? At least Kyle Orton gave him time, ya know!?!

Like Father Like Son

Who says the Rams didn’t make the Pro-Bowl? Well…sadly, in 2012 you’d still be right. New England Patriot Matthew Slater, the son of former Rams’ great Jackie Slater, is heading to Hawaii for the Pro-Bowl. He’ll join guys like Peyton Manning and Clay Matthews as young men who’re following in their [multiple times] Dads' footsteps...

Don’t Sleep On Bowl Games…It’s Starting To Warm Up!

Thursday, December 27
3:00 PM No. 24 San Jose State vs. Bowling Green*
6:30 PM Cincinnati vs. Duke*
9:45 PM Baylor vs. No. 17 UCLA*

Plain ‘Ol Random…

Just in Time!

If you’ve got 2min 39 sec’s, this video is for you! It’s the Top 10 Weird News Stories of 2012. Some of these I’ve probably posted on previous RR’s, but quite honestly, if you want to see a less-than-three-minute video about how messed up this world is, you just have to click the link. You’ve made it this far…what’s another 3 minutes or so?

This Is Some Fly Porn!

No, seriously…it is. You don’t need to be 18 to watch this. The first dude has some serious fly game. The second, not so much. For all you single fellas out there, break out a pen and paper…this first fly’s got mad game!

Happy Birthday To…

1959 - Andre Tippett, NFL linebacker (New England Patriots)
1962 - Bill Self, American basketball coach (Kansas)
1966 - Bill Goldberg, American football player, and Pro wrestler
1970 - Lorenzo Neal, NFL fullback (Saints, Jets)
1979 - Carson Palmer, American football player (Bengals, Raiders)
1983 - Cole Hamels, American baseball player (Phillies)

Thanks for swingin’ by Turf Show Times for your early AM read. My guess is that you’re the early bird who’s initiating their New Years resolution early, bettering yourself in 2013 by making this your first stop for Rams news. You should be rewarded! Seek your reward here on Twitter.

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