2013 Rams Offseason/Mock 12/23

There are a few things that the Rams will have to deal with in the next few weeks. The first of them is finishing up against Seattle, but with a playoff birth basically out of the picture, they'll soon turn to their own players. Of the players they have coming back, there are a few that they need to choose between. They come as follows:

Steven Jackson

Danny Amendola

Brandon Gibson

Robert Turner

Rocky McIntosh

Quinten Mikell

Craig Dahl

These are the bigger names of the bunch. The Rams are turning this team around fast. But, there is still some loose fat to be trimmed off of the core. I see Steven Jackson, Danny Amendola, and Rocky McIntosh as must re-signs. Our RB, SWR, and SSOLB need be back.

During free agency, I don't see us tossing a bunch of money out for a big-name player who has had a lot of time in the NFL. It's a young team they can develop for the future. If there is any position worth selling big on it is SS. That is just because it is a unique position and has its unique players. Atlanta's William Moore would be the one person I would pay to try to get here.

The draft has been something to look forward to for awhile now. It is coming up and there are some holes to fill. Here is what I see as a good draft.

Round 1.18: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan.

Lewan is a monster left tackle who has blocked for Denard Robinson, one of the best runners in college football, for the past few seasons. He is big, strong, and mean and can pass block just as well as he can run block due to his agile leg movement. He would be a bookend on the opposite side of Saffold.

Round 1.26: Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina.

Cooper is a prototypical NFL guard who hasn't missed a game in all 47 career starts. He is one of the reasons Giovanni Bernard has emerged as the best back of the class. He can both run and pass block and will solidify a young Rams line of Saffold, Cooper, Wells, Dahl, Lewan.

Round 2.18: Arthur Brown, OLB, Kansas State.

Brown is one of the most exciting linebackers in the country. He led one of the best teams in the nation's defense. He is a bit undersized at only 6'1", but has the ability to be a star as a 4-3 SSOLB. Grabbing him would let you have a line-backing corp of Dunbar, Brown, Laurinaitis, and McIntosh.

Round 3.18: T.J. McDonald, FS, Southern California.

McDonald is a name that has been dropping a bit due to his lack of elite play this year on an above average team. But, taking him in the 3rd round would have great value. He would benefit from Fisher and the defense he is coming into. He covers well in zone and can match up and run with a TE or SWR.

Round 4.18: Le'Veon Bell, RB, Michigan State.

Bell, which I do not know why, currently has a 4th round grade. I see him as one of the best running backs in the nation and has the size comparable to Steven Jackson. Drafting him and letting him play with Jackson and alongside, who I am foreseeing as the compliment back of the future Isaiah Pead, will give the Rams a backfield for the next 10 years for Fisher and CO.

Round 5.18: Michael WIlliams, TE, Alabama.

Williams has blocked for the likes of Ingram, Richardson, and Lacy over his tenure at Alabama. The kid can help in the running game. Also, he knows how to grab a football out of the air, too. At 6'5", he can create mismatches and compliment Lance Kendricks and grow with him.

Round 6.18: Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State(formerly).

Wilson has all the talent in the world, but has character issues. He has great height and can run routes very well. Pairing him with Quick and Givens on the outside will give the Rams a young trio for the future.

Round 7.18: Ryan Allen, P, Louisiana Tech.

Allen has been the best punter in CFB the last two years. Hekker shanks about half of his punts, solidifying this position is a must.

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