How to improve the Rams offense

Its obvious that the Rams have a problem on offense, the only time they seems to be able to score is against the 49ers, Cardinals or in a losing effort. It is obvious to everybody that 70% of the time, the problem is that Sam Bradford has no time in the pocket. So how do you solve that? The obvious answer is improve the offensive line, but with the way our line has played, and the coaching of Paul Bourdeau, I don't think Fisher will get a marquee offensive lineman. I see him drafting maybe one in the first and another in the fourth. But even if the offensive line gives him all the time he needs, the Wide receivers need to get open, and then catch the ball. So here I will list a way for the Rams to improve their offense, in a reasonable way.

Offensive Line

Free Agency

I don't think Fisher would sign a big FA like Jake Long, but perhaps a mid tier RT or OG. I see most of the FA money going towards getting some safetys.


This is were I think the offense will be improved the most. In the first round, I see Fisher taking, either Eric Fisher or Jake Matthews, depending on who is available. In the fourth round is when I think Fisher would next raft an o-lineman, probable a guard or center. I could see some late round/ UDFA o-lineman too, mostly for depth.

Wide receivers

This where I think the Rams can have a lot of fun, there are two scenarios, both of which have the Rams not looking at anyone in FA.

The first way is to do what I did in Madden, draft a a WR, and place him and Brian Quick on the outside, with Givens in the slot and occasional outside guy. If we did this, the guy I would get would be Marquess Wilson, as he has the size, speed, route running and catching ability needed to be a true No.1. However, there are some problems. The WR core would be very inexperienced and what do we do with Danny? Danny would have to fill in for everyone, and this would mean our best wr would have to be a situational player.

The second option is to keep our current setup, and then draft Stedman Bailey, who is basically Danny Amendola. They both run good routes, both are fast and quick, and can make guys miss. Stedman would be the Danny insurance, and maybe even become the starter, depending on his play. The advantage with this is we have some experience players playing, while some young guys there to develop for the future. And bonus, we could also get Marquess Wilson to replace Brandon Gibson/ Steve Smith ( Gibson may be on the verge of breaking out) The only problem would be Bailey could become a first/ second rounder come draft day, and if Gibson breaks out, the Rams would have too much talent.Personally, I prefer this choice.

So solving the Rams troubles are easy, get an O-lineman, then Draft a wr in either the second or fourth, and maybe even get a Running Back to learn behind Steven Jackson, and BAM! we have an offense that is at least better then Arizona's.

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