Can I mock a little bit? *Updated*

Well, I guess everyone hasn't gone down in a blaze of furry and all of the believers are scratching their heads trying to make sense of it all trying to come up with the next end of the world scenario, so I said why not mock a little bit? My main question going into this is wondering whether or not Fisher will trade out of one of this first round picks. If the previous year tells us anything it would tell us that he will if the value isn't there. With the Rams needing to fill holes like OT, WR, and OLB I think the trade offer would have to be mighty enticing to trade out of a particular first round spot. So lets get started.



With our 16th pick we have many options, one of them being Keenan Allen. He has recently been a fan base pick for the Wide Receivers lovers here. Another pick that is certainly a favorite among Offensive Line enthusiasts is Chance Warlack. Both of these players have been stables in previous mocks in the fanpost and front page but what I have to remind mock draft lovers is the fact that both of these players can either rise up team's draft boards or fall due to workout's and/or the combine. So taking that into consideration we also have to consider other players could rise or fall. One name that I'd like to keep in people's minds is DJ Fluker. He has had a down year being inconsistent but was a force last season. If he has a good workout and combine I could see him fly up draft boards. Jake Matthews is another name that has been floating around and given that I don't expect him to slip up in workouts or the combine I don't expect him to be there when we pick.

Last but not least we have to consider the teams behind us, when you look at them you see the likes of the Vikings and Seahawks who need to upgrade at the Wr position with there also being the Texans who aren't in dire need with them having one of the best in the league but they do need a number two and have needed one for years. If one of them get antsy they could snatch the Wide Receiver we want right from under our nose but then you look at it from the offensive line point of view, most of these teams have a solid line and if help was needed they could possibly wait til the second to get depth. I said in a previous post that I think Linemen was the most important need for this team right now and in light of CJ Mosley going back to school that's where I will spend this first pick. So with that being said with our 16th pick I say we pick: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan. Like I said, Mosley is going back to school so why not secure our other side of Saffold for years to come? While Fisher can play OT he is very versatile and can play Center and Guard. He dominated his competition and while he still has some place to grow I believe Fisher and crew can get his maximum potential out of him.

Next is fairly obvious, we have to go after Wide Receiver or maybe Safety to most but this choice will be a shocker to most but in this scenario, we get even more protection for Sam. So without further or due with the 22nd pick in the draft the Rams select Barrett Jones, C/G/T, Alabama. Yes this is a surprise to most but hear me out. Jones is a rare player that the Rams could certainly use on their line. He present the surprising combination of a player that could play any position on the line (sound familiar?) with him playing LT his junior year. He is great at run blocking, just ask Trent Richardson and isn't to bad at pass blocking either. According to he could go anywhere between the first and third round so speculating that he has a great combine and workout he could see his draft stock leap up to the first. I'm not going to say that he's perfect because he's not, he had some trouble against a speed rusher against LSU but no draft pick is perfect. I believe Fisher and crew can work with him. I also believe that he could start from week 1. Given the talent that we now have on the line, this is when we really gauge what we have in Bradford.

With our pick in the second round we absolutely have to go for a Wide Receiver or a Safety but my mind was made up for this pick when I skipped on Wide Receiver with our first and second pick. Sam needs another weapon or it doesn't matter how much time he gets back there it's not going to matter. This theory that we're "good enough" at the receiver position just doesn't sit right with me. Amendola is injury prone, Gibson is wildly inconsistent, Givens should improve and Quick we hope should also improve but that 2 receivers. I'm not counting Amendola because I just don't know about him. So with our 15th pick in the 2nd round the Rams pick Da'Rick Rodgers, Wide Receiver, Tennessee Tech. Rodgers had an outstanding season in 2011 season when Hunter went down then he got kicked off of Tennessee's team for failing a drug tests. He's a physical freak and is plenty quick. If not for the failed drug tests he'd easily be a first round pick, sound familiar? Fisher has shown that if the talent is too great to pass on he will take the risk and Rodgers has all the talent in the world.

With our 3rd round pick it's an obvious choice for me, Safety.This next guy that I pick will be insinuating that he doesn't do to well in workouts and/or combine. This player would be TJ McDonald who is projected to go anywhere between the 2nd and 3rd round. He was the physical piece for the USC team this season and after watching him in the few games that I could plus looking up highlights I came away plenty impressed. Put in a system like the Ram's where we promote physical play, I think he could excel. Well, that's what I have for right now.

So, what do you think of the mock, I previously had a poll but just let me know down in the comments. Constructive criticism is appreciated. As you see OLB isn't included in this which means we'll most likely have to go after one in later rounds and in FA. I think overall a serviceable on will do fine whose physical and can get after the ball carrier. That's the main thing that drew me to Mosley. Thanks for reading as usual and hope you enjoyed.

I was really planning for the end of the world happening today, I guess I should get to my Christmas shopping. Oh crap just felt something shake..... nope just a truck driving by...

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