The Best of the Best, Offensive lines

First of all, I would like to thank Football Outsiders for making this post extraordinarily easy to make up. I have based all of my own statistics on stats from them and rankings.

Some of the great quarterbacks of my time have had great offensive lines to make them look great. This list include tom brady, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Matt Ryan. All given QB's have top 10 offensive lines, and are arguably top 10 QB's. So I will attempt to break down each of the top 10 offensive lines, according to Football Outsiders, and how their quartback is playing through week 15 of the regular season.

1. New York Giants, Sacks - 16: Eli Manning is one of the luckier QB's that don't take a lot of hits. He is on pace to eclipse 4,000 yards and has a true #1 receiver in Victor Cruz. Eli does a great job of spreading the ball around, with 5 players having over 20 receptions, 3 with at least 50. Ranking 9th in passing yards and 6th in points a game, Eli Manning has a lot to thank to for his success.

2. Detroit Lions, Sacks - 28: What baffles me is the sack amount for Mathew Stafford. It makes a little more sense taking into account that Stafford has over 50 more attempts than the 2nd QB on the list, and no real receiving threat behind Calvin Johnson. Watch almost any Lions game though and you will see that he has a ton of time to thrown in the backfield.

3. new england patriots, Sacks - 23: Football Outsiders has the top 3 offensive lines close with a 4.0,4.0, and 4.1 adjusted sack rate, respectively. tom brady is 2nd in yards and 4th in TDs. brady has more offensive weapons than any other team in the league including the "i can catch anything" Wes Welker. IMO almost any quarterback can excel in this offense.

4. Houston Texans, Sacks - 20: Last season, the Texans had a great line too, and proved so with 3 different quarterbacks excelling. Matt Shaub should eclipse 4K yards this season, and it will help that they have one of the best running games to help set up the pass.

5. Denver Broncos, Sacks - 21: Peyton Manning is showing how powerful a smart quarterback can be. I can believe after this season that at the stages of the NFL, offensive lines can be more about the right pass protection then actual individual talent. An example would be the 2010 Colts O-line into the 2011 O-line.

6. Tampa Bay Buccanears, Sacks - 21: Josh Freeman shows how much of a difference an offensive line can make, going from sophomore slump to junior comeback in 2012. I believe it is also a big reason that Doug Martin is doing well also. Freeman is having a great season, although he ranks 13th in passing yards.

7. Atlanta Falcons, Sacks - 25: Matt Ryan is at the top of can be elite quarterbacks. What is holding him back? Atrocious playoff performances. I think that changes this season, as long as he can stop making bad decisions. Matt Ryan has a ton of time in the pocket, but has been plagued with WR injuries to his top 2 targets, Roddy White and Julio Jones.

8. Oakland Raiders, Sacks 26: Oakland has taken a huge step back from last seasons offense, and a big part of that is coaching. Can you guess this? Carson Palmer is 13 yards away from 4K passing yards this season. Can you guess why?

9. Cleveland Browns, Sacks 26: For a rookie quarterback, Brandon Weeden is doing fairly well, overtaking the St. Louis Ram's Sam Bradford in yards by 27 yards. Surprising right? Well the Browns have a line 9 spots ahead of the Rams, so expect Weeden to develop a large amount over the next year, given he is the oldest rookie QB in NFL history.

10. New Orleans Saints, Sacks 24: Drew Brees has been a good quarterback since his days in San Diego (which means a whales vagina, for those who get the reference). Brees turned into an elite player when the Saints developed their O-line into one of the best. Now that I think about it, the patriots may have the 2nd most offensive weapons in the league.

Dallas holds the #11 spot through week 15, which might explain Tony Romo's bad rap, has good stats but appears bad in the clutch. Don't like my thoughts on these QB's? Any suprise teams in the top 10? Anybody notice I didn't capitalize the patriots or brady throughout the post? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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